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We had the privilege to Interview the supergroup “Projected”, most of us would be wondering who Projected really are. Projected are a four piece band with members of SevenDust John Connolly and Vinnie Hornsby, Alter Bridge and Creed drummer Scott Philips and former Submersed and current Tremonti Guitarist Eric Friedman.

The band released their debut in 2012 “Human” and “Ignite My Insanity” was released in July 21 2017 as a double album. Let’s hear from John Connolly what’s he got to say about his new band.

Hi John, Keith from MHF Magazine, how are you today?

Hey there man, doing well, how are you?

I’m doing fantastic bro, just living the moment and very excited about speaking with you…

Ignite My Insanity came out in July 21, how do you feel about the outcome?

It’s cool and we believe the fans would like it, this 21 song album took a lot of time and we did it in between  spare time. Taking a little time off from our actual bands. We are very happy about the outcome.

Can you tell us how did it all began?

We are not new to each other, we have played together in the past, Creed has toured with Sevendust, so there is a connection and we thought of getting together and do something in the spare time and that’s how Projected came out.

Is Projected a dream Project of yours John?

I wouldn’t say it’s a dream project, but I wanted to put something of my own into music, and I wanted to do this for a very long time.

How do you feel to work with Vinnie Hornsby and Scott Philip’s ?

Vinnie was with me for so long in SevenDust and we have toured with Creed before, so there is a connection and It’s always great to work with friends.



How are you able to manage the time between Sevendust and Projected?

My First band is Sevendust and I’m proud to be part of them and I work on this band Projected when we all have spare time, that’s why it took so long for the release. It’s fun but my priority is SevenDust.

You initially wanted this as a solo project, how did it evolved into a group?

Yes I had my plans in the beginning to bring out my music with guest musicians and release this  and then slowly we all got together and we thought of having it as a full time band.  

21 songs in one album, why didn’t you think of making it into two different albums?

Basically this is an album I wanted to give to the fans for staying with us and supporting us over the years, we are really happy for the fans and wanted to do something different but for them, so we were giving this big album as a dedication to the fans.

Sevendust or Projected which gives you the utmost happiness?

Projected is my band and I love to do what I wanted, but Sevendust is the band that brought me into the big stage of the world of music. I will never forget where I’m now, If not for the guys I will not be here. So it’s always an honor to be part of Sevendust.

Any plans for the band in the coming days?

There will be a lot of touring to be happen in the coming months, maybe we will sit and write for another album and touring with our home bands, and we never know what the future hold. So we will  see what happens.

Do you have a message for the fans?

Absolutely, thanks for hanging with us and supporting us over the years. Without you we would have never been here and thanks from the bottom of my heart, you guys are amazing, will see you guys on tour.

Keith Clement/MHF Magazine

Senior administrator at Official Metalheads Forever. Writer/Editing Metalheads Forever Magazine


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