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Formed in 2001 and ever since delivering some fast, powerful, thunderous heavy metal with also some symphonic elements to create their own world of fantasy for everyone to join in. Latest of their 6 full-length albums was released just last month and nothing seems to slow down this well-oiled machine. Time to find out a bit more… Let’s go !!

So honored to have this chance to have a moment with You. How are You doing ?

Thanks a lot for this opportunity! It’s going good, we are currently on our headlining tour!

Since I just love “history” and I’m so damn curious. What is the story behind Serenity ?

Well, there’s a simple story behind Serenity – a group of friends who were interested in forming a professional band, got very serious and started a journey together!! Less historical than what you think 😉

How was the metal scene in Austria back in 2001 and how was the start of Your journey ?

It wasn’t different than now, not so crowded and different than other small countries like Austria, we started with a lot of dreams and expectations, and we slowly grew into this business.

How was the reception by media, critics and fans, new ones and also those who knew You from Your earlier projects, when Your debut album was released ?

It was quite good actually! We had the chance to promote our first album with a couple of cool tours, with Sacred Steel, Morgana Lefay, Threshold, Communic and Machine Men, and Kamelot. Great opportunity to get a name and being appreciated, and actually where we even got to know Fabio, our then bass player, for the first time.

Tell us a little about Your songwriting process… What inspires You, where do You get all the ideas and is someone in charge or do You work as a team ?

We definitely work as a team on the songwriting process, as everyone is bringing his own ideas and then sharing to everyone. Plus, everyone is also contributing to the lyrics and then you can get a great final result. Georg for sure is bringing a lot of historic ideas and themes for the next releases and we then work them out all together.

Listening to Your music makes me wonder… How the hell do You combine all those different elements to such tight little package ?

It’s easy: a lot of strong will is making us doing things and playing stuff we want – also when it’s not so predictable or, when it is, with a touch of originality!

During these years of Serenity’s journey, around the world… What have been the most memorable, positive, rewarding moments and maybe tell us some moments no one wants to remember anymore ?

I think every single journey we had was memorable in a way or another, and we’ve had many, so it’s difficult to pick up just one. But definitely the one to forget is when we had to cancel our second tour with Kamelot, while being on the road, after a few shows, cause of Georg’s ear inflammation.

How would You describe Your music Yourself ?

We play a symphonic melodic metal ,with a lot of bombastic elements and historical themes, which are also influencing the music and create magic atmosphere.

Your latest album “Lionheart” was just released… How was the reception ?

Was great! First leg of the tour was directly during the release week, and it was awesome! Now we are on the road on our own tour and the people also have the chance to get to hear more new songs, and feedback is fantastic!

Coming to Your show… What can we expect, prepare ourselves for ?

Prepare for an historical journey thru our music, mixed set-list between our new and old songs, and even a special moment in the middle with an acoustic set!

During these 16 years of Your journey… How would You describe You and Your music have changed… Or have You ?

I guess both us and our music just evolved, but our trade-mark is still really strong!

How does the future look like for Serenity… Any news, maybe even secrets just between You, me and some thousands of people reading this ?

Stay tuned! Cause we’re then announce more dates for upcoming fall, but who knows, every some other special type of shows 😉

Having toured around and around… Where do You find the most loyal Serenity fans ?

I think Germany, The Netherlands, and UK are our strongest markets, but slowly every fanbase is growing and we can definitely see improvements.

Any last words (not literally) to people who are reading this, the Family of MHF, Your fans and Your soon-to-be fans?

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans, your readers and everyone supporting us on tour and coming to our shows!! Keep checking our medias and show up on our tour, you won’t be disappointed!!

Thank You so much


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