Snowy Shaw Interview

By Gothik Divaa

In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Swedish singer, musician, songwriter and composer “Snowy Shaw”, he is going to talk about the album entitled “White Is The New Black” and his projects for 2018.

First of all congratulations for your album “White Is The New Black”, second How are you today?… Greetings from Mexico City! I know that you have about 29 years of career in the metal scene … 1.- How has that journey been for you?

Like a rock n´roller-coaster life of constant ups and downs I’ve been through wuthering heights and depressingly deep lows and everything in between, and it’s been both interesting, exciting, terrifying, rewarding, satisfying, educational, amusing, amazing, horrendous and wonderful. All wrapped up into one spicy and tasty metal burrito!

How do you think the evolution of metal has been from your beginnings to the present?

That’s a very big, not to say monumental question that can’t just be brushed off easily. If I should continue making the comparison with a roller-coaster I could say that I’ve been along for the whole duration of the ride, through every twist and turn where I’ve seen and heard all the changes and trends come and go, first hand. I was born in 1968, arguably the same year heavy rock was born with the release of Led Zeppelin’s debut and the forefather of shock rock Arthur Brown’s mega hit Fire, that I’ve also covered.

From my point of view I think the metal/rock scene is still alive and kicking but the industry,.. well not so much. Internet has changed everything and I’m willing to concure to what the Maya indians said that when the whole wide world is covered in a net it’s the end of the earth.

In your career you have been working with several bands like: King Diamond, Dream Evil, Mercyful Fate, Notre Dame, Therion and many more. What has been the most memorable moment of this experience?

It’s almost impossible to pick one thing only. We’re talking a whole life of experiences here, but I’m not so much a person who looks back and dwell in the past normally. Despite having done so much in my life already I tend to think that the best is yet to come in the future and what I’m doing in the present moment is what matters the most. Everything I’ve done has led up to this moment and it was inevitable that I would go so eventually. As far as I’m concerned my days as a band member are over and for the rest of my days I’ll be flying solo.

With that said, for the past 10 years almost, I’ve written a book, an autobiographical one that I intend to put out some time soon. Anyways, Like they say the first cut is the deepest and for me joining King in Los Angeles in the summer of 1989, right at the height of his career was very special and something I will always hold close to my heart. I had struggled for years before that with numerous bands in Sweden and above all trying to get my own bands going, but King was my big break that helped putting my name of the map, so to speak.

On the other hand, you have stepped on several stages and have traveled around the world. What has been your favorite show and Why?

Personally I’m not so much hung up on individual shows as tours. My first US tour with King Diamond for Conspiracy in 1989 was very special to me. Secondly, all the tours we did all over the world throughout the entire year of 2007 on the back of Gothic Kabbalah album was truly amazing. Why you ask, the reason those two examples sticks out among the rest probably have something to do with the fact that they were ” virgin trips” in the sense that it was my first ever with King and in America on a very high level as headliners with full production and with Therion a similar thing and then my first as a singer/frontman. I guess I crave the adventure and challenge and to constantly move forward, otherwise I tend to lose interest a bit. If you ever wondered why I quit every band I ever been in that is,..

Changing the subject and talking about your album titled “White Is The New Black”. This album will be released on May 23, 2018. 5.- Are you planning a launch party or something similar?

Don’t tell me you missed my world sensational Live Streamed Release Party a couple of weeks ago? It was a big fucking arrangement with a professional film team and the whole shebang where I basically invited the whole wide world into my home in Gothenburg via Youtube. The 3 hour event had viewers from well over 50 countries and everyone loved the concept of this groundbreaking idea. I have since published the entire happening on my official Youtube channel so that you can watch it in retrospect though, but you won’t be able to interact in real time of course like you could have during the night in question.

What was the most satisfying and most complicated thing that you did with this solo project? I mean in the creative process …

Assuming you’re referring to the actual album recording as opposed to everything else I do like organizing shows, producing videos, running my own company Wunderwurld Music and all the business etc. As for the creative process, without comparison I’d say the mixing process was the most complicated. I worked with a number of different sound engineers, all qualified and competent guys for sure. However, my personal preferences as for soundscape musical ideals differ quite a lot from what’s considered ”industry standard” and the ”norm” in today’s metal productions, and I for one can’t comprend why I should adapt to anything like that. My music is my music, and that’s that. It became a very long and hard process, but I’m convinced that they as well as myself are very proud and happy with the final result and that we’ve created something that’s both original and great sounding.

To promote this album you released a first single titled ‘My Religion (I Sold My Soul To Rock N’ Roll, That Is) ‘ right?

No, My religion was actually the fifth official music video I’ve put out from the album in advance of its release and none of them has been available either physically or digitally previously until now on the album White Is The New Black.

 We want to know if you are planning to release another one into the future ?

What you see with the release of White Is The New Black, is me launching a solo career as opposed to simply putting out a single solo album.

Talking about the fans of your music …  What can they expect with this new album?

I’d say a glimpse of every side of me. Or if you will, The essential Snowy Shaw,.. Only in reverse, as White Is The New Black consists of 2 songs each from 6 different albums with different musical and lyrical directions and themes, that is to be released yearly from now on. I decided to allow myself that kind of artistic freedom because I crave a certain diversity in my music, which is also the reason I’ve been involved and been writing with so many different bands of different musical style and scope.

Finally … with the album “White Is The New Black” Are you planning to make a tour in Europe or another part of the world in this 2018 ?

Yeah, we’re planning a headline tour of Europe for October & November, and before that possibly a string of shows in Japan and elsewhere. I keep getting all sorts of offers from here and there, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t lead to anything concrete I’m afraid. Just last week I got a great offer for a co-headline tour of Sweden and Scandinavia, but so far nothing really substantial or serious from Mexico unfortunately. I’d love to tour Mexico and South America again.

I want to thank you for the time given and all your attentions, I wish you the best of luck with this project, greeting from the team of the magazine

Thanks for having me. I appreciate the opportunity and it’s me who should thank you. I hope to chat soon again.


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