Son Of A Shotgun Interview

By Gothik Divaa

In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Norwegian musician “Ivan MEATHOOK Gujic” from the one man band “Son Of A Shotgun”, he will tell us about his project, the album “Mexican Standoff”, his recap from Cannibal Corpe shows and of course his new song  “Unveiled”.


Hello, How are you today, Greetings from Mexico City!

First of all I want to say viva Mexico! I love your beautiful country, your people and our hardcore fans! You rule. I played in Mexico 4 concert and I miss Mexico a lot!

Well for those who have not had the opportunity to become familiar with your project, tell them … 1) How this idea was born?

I was 17 years old when I got the idea of mixing blues with death metal. I have always been a big fan of souther delta blues. Slide guitars. It was my vision of changing the tone of brutal death metal to pentatonic scale and the blues sound. It’s the same thing one of my favorite bands “NILE” are doing with the Egyptian scale. So you can say…. Son of a Shotgun is sort of Pantera on speed.

2) What is the most marked difference between being in a band like “Blood Red Throne” and being alone as an artist? 

Well…. The biggest difference is that I’m doing everything thing alone. I write all the songs, I play all the instruments and sing. Im alone on stage and all the money and booze goes to me!

So far in the music industry, I´m curious about this issue …  3) How have they received this project  called “A Son Of A Shotgun” and as soloist What have been the challenges you have faced with this concept?  

People are telling me that this is something new, fresh and original. SOAS stands out from other bands and projects. This has been a big goal for me and the goal is achieved. The challenges are that Im all alone…. I had big problems recording the album. As you know I have “HELLHAMMER “ from “Mayhem” as guest artist. He recorded 9 songs on the album, but I was not to satisfyed, so I learned to play the drums and fixed the songs.

On the other hand I know that you have a material called “Mexican Standoff” …  please tell me about it 4) What is this work about?  and of course, What is your favorite song and why?

This album is very personal. I have been through a war situation. My father got killed in the Bosnian civil war, I have experienced granate attacks and a lot of shit. We have to escape from Bosnia and we came to Norway as refugees. Al my goddamn life I had to fight and bust my ass of. So you can say the art work is about, me standing alone against everyone. Story of my life. Favorite song is “Medicated” Fine mix of death and southern blues. Based on a true story. It’s about me drinking a bottle of mixed booze…. I ended up in jail and I puked on the whole fuckin jailcell.

 5)  What has been the feedback of the media and the fans with this work?

Awesome beyond awesome! I really did not expect this. I did not put this album for reviews, because I’m not too satisfied with it, but fans and people who bought the album are bragging.

Speaking a bit more about your solo career, you were sharing the stage with the band “Cannibal Corpse” 6) How was this experience for you?

It was so fuckin kick ass I still can’t believe it, but I always acted professional. Even though I am a big fan of band. They were really cool guys, did not act like some uptight Rockstars. “Pat O Brian” even showed me he’s guitar pedals and specs. So that gave me inspiration.

In fact you made a recapitulation of this experience, I want to know …  7) How it was for you to live it and see it already in an audiovisual material? 

I know it’s me when I look at my self, but I see a different person…. It’s strange. I see this badmotherfucker grabbing life by the ballz and just going at it. Same thing when I listen to my own music. I know it’s my music, but don’t think it’s mine.

I know that you have a new piece with your project “Son Of A Shotgun”, tell me …  8) How was the creative process of this song?  

Mix of the personal negative experiences in my life, whiskey, tequila! Andale Andale!!!

And Finally … 9) Do you have more plans for this 2018 or even for 2019?

Yeah! I’m recruiting new members for the SOAS live band. I’m writing new material for the new album. I got some shows coming up. “Blood Red Throne is releasing a new album next year, and we have some gigz planed and Canada tour. I’m building a studio in my garage. I will definitely get more fucked up on gooood booze.  Thank you! Much love from Norway.  ·         LONG LIVE THE ABBOTT BROTHERS!

Thank you, it was a pleasure to talk to you, thanks again for your time for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”.

MHF Magazine/Gothik Divaa


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