Hello Stefan how are you? and how are things with Spitefuel?

Hey David! I am actually not that fine – big fat cold. But hey, what doesn’t kill ya… ^_^ SpiteFuel is… full speed ahead these days, haha! The new MCD “Sleeping With Wolves” is out and we prepare to finalize the video and play some cool shows as well… full throttle.

I understand members from your old band Strangelet make up the core of Spitefuel, is this correct? Can you tell us what led to these events? The break-up of Strangelet? And the formation of Spitfuel? Can you tell us about the new additions and what they bring to the table?

Well… First of all I have to say, that SpiteFuel is a NEW band, not a hmmm “just follow-up to Strangelet” or so. Strangelet was a fantastic experience, the (modest) success of the “First Bite” album, the great gigs with bands such as Eclipse, Blaze Bayley, Mike Tramp (White Lion) and many more… but if you are listen to SpiteFuel… you can hear… the difference. We (Tobias, Finn and me) decided to go in a much more Metal sound. Still some Hard Rock influences, but definately Metal these days. With the addition of a second lead guitar (Timo) and a metal drummer (Björn) the ways was clear. So it was a logical step. No bad blood, no bad words, just time to change and go ahead. Time to turn the page.

sac-1What are the similarities and differences of Strangelet and Spitefuel? In terms of sound and musical direction of Spitefuel, what can you tell us about this?

Similarities? The same singer, lead guitarist and songwriters, haha! So you can hear the spirit of our old band, for sure. We also play new versions of a couple of “First Bite” songs in our shows – our fans love it still the sing “Stillborn” with us, haha! But as mentioned – SpiteFuel is a new outfit. We love the shit we do, and the shit is called fuckin’ metal, man! There is so much energy and power in our songs. I am still so proud to sing in SpiteFuel! As my friend Timo said: A dream came true for the 5 of us!

I understand you have your first official Spitefuel single Sleeping with Wolves on MDD Records, coming from Spitefuels first album “SECOND TO NONE” Set for release in March/April of 2017. What can you tell us about this album and what separates it from previous albums of Strangelet.

Wuuuuh! “Second To None” was recorded in Autumn 2016 at Gernhart Studio by fantastic Martin Buchwalter who also did great jobs for bands such as Destruction, SuidAkrA, Tankard, Perzonal War and many others. We are still totally flashed about the results. As a involved friend said: The album is still getting bigger and bigger! I can promise: It WILL be big! Muahahaha! It is a completely new experience to hear us. More heavy, slightly more complex but still catchy and there are neckbreakers, mid tempo headbanger and even fragile ballads on it. We are SO fuckin’ proud!

From what I understand there is a Completely different orchestral version of Sleeping with Wolves made by Arkadius Antonik on the CD, how did this come to fruition? Who’s concept or idea was it to head in this direction?

Arkadius (who is mastermind of mighty SuidAkrA) is a friend of our label boss Markus Rösner (MDD Records) and a great composer. As seen on his fantastic project Realms Of Odoric, a kind of fantasy soundtrack with real orchestra. He was our favourite person to create the intro on “Second To None”… so we started to speak… and as said… things started to get bigger and bigger. So… he also did the interpretation to Wolves as well as the intro on “Second” ^_^

What was it like to work with the legendary Gernhart Studio? The yet to be released album is said to have cover art done by world renown Artist Travis Smith, who is known to work with iconic bands like Death and Iced Earth. This must be very exciting for you? Have you seen some of the ideas and concepts yet for the new album? If yes what can you tell us?

The recording sessions were a real fantastic time. Martin is a real icon (not just producer, also metal drummer in Perzonal War and Fall Of Catharge) – and so gentle, too! We all had a great time, much fun and he had the gift to push us over limits and catch perfect performances for the recordings! Perfect! It was my idea to get in contact with Travis. I love his artwork and style. So artful, deep and different to most of the “typical” artists. So – the contact was fruitful, haha! The artwork will be fantastic, we even get a great famous photographer, and our layouter is a real artist as well. All is… wow! “Second To None” will be a real statement!


Where can your fans find Spitefuel in 2017?

On European (mostly german) stages, we do some cool festivals and hopefully a little tour to promote the album! We live to play live and kick some serious butt, man! \\m//

Enclosing I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us here at Metalheads Forever Magazine. We would love to have you back after the release of your upcoming album. We can discuss further how the band is doing after the release of your album and where you are as a band at that point in time. Do you have any final words for your fans and readers of MHF Magazine? Thanks once more and good luck with all future endeavors!

Thanks, David! MHF is such a GREAT thing, I am a follower since years and have to say “Dankeschön aus Deutschland, you roooock!” The famous last words: Listen to metal, stay as you are and never stop dreaming!


David Maloney / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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