Stortregn Interview

By Gothik Divaa

This time we have in “Metalheads Forever”  the Swiss band of  Blackened Death metal “Stortregn”, we will talk about their career and the album “Emptiness Fills The Void”.

Hello guys ! Thanks for your time, How are you today? 

We’re doing fine, thanks!


  You  have 13 years of career ….- Tell me, How the band was born?


Johan : We started the band at a young age, without any experience and means, but with a huge will to compose and create something in which we believed. Despite the relative youth of our early works, their rawness in production and composition, we are still proud of what we accomplished at that time. Romain and I are the only members that are still in the band  from that period.



How has the evolution of the band been in all these years?


Duran: The band has grown a lot on a personal level and we understand each other better than ever. Our live shows reflect that. The musicianship has clearly progressed as well, and that you can hear on the coming album, “Emptiness Fills the Void”. The combination of these both aspects can be heard through the composition of the songs. They are richer, more violent and extreme, and the album as a whole is very coherent from start to finish. We are very proud of this evolution and we intend to keep it going.



I know that in 2015 you won the Wacken Metal Battle for Switzerland.- How was that experience for you as a band?


Duran: I had been going to the festival every year for some time already, but always as a spectator, in the audience, in the pit. It was great to be on the other side of the barrier and perform to such a crowd, it set us a new benchmark.



In your career .. you  have made tours in Eastern Europe, France, Germany, even Cuba …- What is the main difference of the scene in these countries?


Johan : We really had a blast in Cuba. Over there, the life standard was different. People had nothing, but their passion and devotion to this music made the experience unforgettable. They are clearly living this passion much more than in other places we usually play. It was pretty impressive.


Duran: As for European countries, Germany and France are closer to Switzerland, so we’re better known over there. The venues and stages in which we play are bigger than in Eastern Europe, where we got to see and experience the local scene quite well. However, I don’t think there is much difference in the scene itself, apart from the language. People who come to see us always enjoy the show and the music.



What has been your favorite concert so far and why?


Johan: Recently we completed a European tour with Immolation, Full of Hell and Monument of Misanthropy. I’ll say that each night was a great experience and a blast!


Duran: I think it’s hard to pick a favourite. It really depends on the day, different memories come back at different times. Of course, Wacken 2015 was a benchmark. Metaldays 2017 was great as well. Last year, we played a show in Berlin that was really a killer night, we were on fire. The bands with who we played were great too. A lot of credit has to be given to the venue and the promoter, who organized everything perfectly.

But if we have to give only one answer, the best gig will be the next one, so be there!


Talking about your new album “Emptiness Fills The Void”, this will be released on May 25, 2018.- What can we expect with this project?


Duran: The album is very coherent in itself. There is a loose symetrical concept, with the way the songs are composed and positioned throughout the album. They converge toward a central, short, repetitive yet intense instrumental track that says a lot about the bands evolution. As the album title suggests, the lyrics explore a the concept of emptiness, desolation and barrenness. Be it from a personal and mental perspective or just the physicality of nothingness.


The songs themselves are tight and have a clear direction. Through the Dark Gates opens the album with epic riffs and sets the tone of it. Circular Infinity is the most intense and relentless track of the album, while The Forge is a bit of an introspection filled with metaphors. Nonexistence is a charging song with many subtle changes and variations. Then comes The Chasm of Eternity, the centerpiece of the album. Then there is Lawless, another intense track that explores the breaking down of physics beyond the event horizon of black holes. The Eclipsist, another introspection, with interesting time and key signatures that change throughout the song. Shattered Universe depicts a dystopian future of the Universe, where worlds collide and time gets torn apart. The music follows the description. And closing the album is Children of the Obsidian Light, an 11 minutes epic track.


Each track can be heard as a separate entity of course, but to get the full vibe of the album, we suggest listening to it as a whole. You can expect to be surprised, and your ears to be brutalized…and you will love it!



How do you plan to promote this album? any special gig in Switzerland .


Johan : We have planned a special show in Geneva on the 8th June for the release of the album, and some open-air concerts in Switzerland as well. We are working on a European tour before the end of the year to promote « Emptiness Fills The Void », as well as some great gigs here and there. Stay tuned for further news.



And finally … – In which countries would you like to promote this work?


Duran: In the whole (…shattered?) Universe!


Thank you so much for this interview for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, congratulations for the upcoming album, Greetings from Mexico City, Gothik Divaa.


Hails to Mexico!!!!!


MHF Magazine/Gothik Divaa


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