The End Of Melancholy Interview

By Keith Clement

Hi Olly, Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, It’s a pleasure to know you and your band, how are you guys doing today?

Thank you very much! It’s a pleasure for us too! Now, it’s a very important moment for our band – we’re making a debut album. We put all the strength in it, so I hope when it will be finished, it brings much pleasure for our listeners.


I watched the video “The Demon” It’s breathtakingly amazing, great work by the band together and your vocal range is extraordinary and so beautiful, Can  you tell us about the song context?

I’m happy that you like it! Thank you! Well, “The Demon” is about the dark moments in my life, a misery experience, but “enlightenment through the pain”, you know. Demon includes several sick relationships I had.  Karma -Love-story and a karma-friend. Everybody have the same, I’m sure. I tried to express those destructive feelings while I was “The demon” in the video. For example: “I feel it in your touch – cold veins and black heart”. You always feel yourself bad with somebody, but at the same time you want it…you need it, something like an obsession. These marks are help you to understand – it’s not good relationships. This man or woman is like The demon “craving for the light In your eyes”. Something I want to tell you about karma-relationships. You just need to make a decision –to stop it in all ways. You need to understand– it is your test, you need to live through this. It will gave you MORE than you have now. It will bring you a new level of your mind and soul. And you know what? I did it! I free my demon. So, that’s it.
Free yours.

How did it all began and how long you guys are making music?

Well, we play from 2013, as for me I started to sing from around 15, I think, Peter play on the guitar from the very long time ago too.


Do you have plans to put up an full-length album anytime soon?

Ofcourse! At the end of the year will be a full-length album, merch, cd’s and tour! Now everything is in process.

What are the plans for the band currently?

An album and go on tour.


Are you signed with any label as of now, if not will you be interested to sign with our label?

No we’re not, We can discuss it, of course!


Do you have a message for the readers of the magazine?

Okay, the phrase of Andre Maurois which leads me nowadays: “Don’t be concerned too much what other people think. It is not a lighthouse, it’s just a wil o’the-wisp”.


Thanks so much for the time, and a pleasure to know you, and for reaching out to us, I wish you all the success in the coming days, we will soon meet someday?

Thank you very much! It is the same! Of course! We have so many messages around the world that people want to see us in different countries, so we do all to come to you with concerts, soon!!!


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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