“UNCURED” INTERVIEW by Keith Clements

Uncured is a progressive death metal 4-piece from New York City that is attracting international attention for its combination of technical musicianship, brutal riffs and melodic Interludes. We had an opportunity to talk about the band and it’s future., let’s hear from the band.

The Band:
Rex Cox – Bass, Guitars and Vocals
Zak Cox – Bass, Guitars and Vocals
Jon Kita – Bass
Liam Manley – Drums

Hi Rex, Greetings from MHF, how are you today?

Doing good man, thanks for asking.

On March 10 2017 you released your first full length record “Medusa” how do you feel about the outcome?

It was amazing and we are getting positive responses so far, We were appreciated in our live performance, and we are getting overwhelmed response from the Internet, So that’s pretty good.

On your debut EP “Spontaneous Generation” you had Max Portnoy as the drummer, Is there any reason for not being part of Medusa?

When me and my brother wrote songs for Spontaneous Generation and we were in studio, we wanted to have some good drummer a lively one, so we called our friend Max Portnoy, If he can put down some tracks for us so he came here and recorded on that EP, but he is busy with his full time band, so he couldn’t give us a full drum track.

How was the experience working with Max Portnoy?

It was great working with Max, he was very happy to work with us and we were happy to let him do his thing as well, his is much appreciating contribution. He brought the EP to life.

Uncured includes brutal riffs and amazing melodic Interludes with a taste of heaviness and made into a beautiful progression, did you have any influences? or how did you made it sound so unique?

We do the writing in lot of different standpoints, we don’t want to stick into one single genre, we wanted medusa to sound very different from the EP, and the EP has Brutal riffs, acoustic and great Vocals, we had brutal, funky sounds in it, so the EP stands for what we wanted to accomplish.

I have read in the past that you guys dropped out of high school to pursue your dreams of becoming better musicians, have you ever thought education could be an obstacle?

Yeah, So technically I’m not in school so does my brother, that part really never been an obstacle in any way, but we wanted to stick together to pursue this band full time, so we can work together all time and we got out. So that we can concentrate on the musical aspects as well as creative aspects of it.

You are touring with DevilDriver, 36 Crazy Fists and Tetrarch in less than a month, how do you feel about this upcoming tour?

Yes we are very excited about going out in this upcoming tour, it’s going to be very interesting and exciting, because each one of them are different genres, Devildriver is groove metal and we have a band which is slow progressive, so we are trying to make the best possible and as fast as possible.

Any plans for an International tour?

After DevilDriver tour we are touring with Children of Bodom, and possibly in 2018 we will think about International tour. Right now we are concrete in keeping America First.

Do you want to say something about the band?

Sure, We are Uncured a progressive death metal band, a 4 piece, I’m Rex Vocalist and Guitarist, my brother Zack is also and Vocalist and Guitarist, we have Liam Manley on drums, he is a drummer from Portland, Oregon, he joined us 6 months ago, he is our full time drummer and we have Jon Kita as our bassist

Thanks Rex for this Interview with us, do you have a message for the readers of the magazine?

Yeah I want to say thanks everyone for checking out on the band, there are tracks on medusa on Spotify and everywhere, you can check out on them, thanks for finding out our band and listening to them.

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine

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