Voodoo Angel Interview

By Gothik Divaa

Hello guys! … How are you today?


Hello, We are doing very well : we’re lucky to make music !


What about you ? You´re a seemingly new band but at the same time the members already have experience in music. So I would like to know, How the Voodoo Angel project was born ?


Obviously, we all are rock addicts. This was the main motivation to bring Voodoo Angel to life. Beyond that, we are convinced that this musical genre was buried far too soon. Rock still has a lot to say! We have things to say! To be precise, I would say that the actual “date of birth” of the band is November 2015. Indeed, we played with 4 bassists before we met Dan !


How do you define the concept and sound of the band ?


We define ourselves as a Rock/Metal band. A metal rhythm section, hard-rock lead guitars and rock vocals.


In these 5 years of career …You have been supported by/of musicians and bands like : Vanden Plas , Nina Hagen, Uli Jon Roth and many more. If you had the possibility to collaborate with someone else … who would it be & why ?


D.A.D., Backyard Babies, Michael Monroe, The 69 eyes, Sixx A.M., Billy Idol, Kiss, The Cult, Slash, Aerosmith, L.A. Guns … Oh, I couldn’t name them all, they are too numerous!


Why ?


Because they are all great musicians and fantastic rock bands! We love their music so much …


You decided to re-record your debut album titled “first spell” in acoustic version ..What are the reasons for you to do it ?


Fans and radio stations asked us. Our songs are composed to be also played without power outlet nearby. (A good song can be played with only an acoustic guitar or a piano, and a voice). In general, we remove from our set-list those that can’t be played in acoustic version.


When and in what format this album will be released ?


We will release these songs first on youtube and facebook. The labels are a little surprised by this approach. And I can understand it. This is one of the topics we discuss with them. But the rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

According to the fans …What can they expect with this job ?


Discover the band and the songs in a new light. We have already released a video of the song : “the exit day” in acoustic version Here is the link : https://youtu.be/njQE2TaFWqQ The album version : https://youtu.be/piODF4ShWvY


On the other hand … You have any idea of launching this work, I mean a plan to throw a party with this album ? For now, we’re discussing an upcoming “electric” tour with bookers. We’ll see after that if we continue with an acoustic tour.


Finally…What’s next for “Voodoo Angel” after this album ? Do you have some tour dates for this 2018 ? So thank you so much for your time for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, Greetings from Mexico City !.


First, I just finished mixing a new song that sounds very … Rock-metal! Indeed, a mastering studio has selected Voodoo Angel with 9 other bands via reverbnation. I just sent them the mix. Once the mastering is done, we will make a video for this song. Then the tour that I told you before and of course : composing & recording new songs ! We hope to come and play soon in your beautiful city. Many thanks to you & Metalheads Forever Magazine for your interest in Voodoo Angel ! https://www.facebook.com/voodangel https://www.reverbnation.com/voodooangel5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVgLFWMFDOE

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