LOWLIVES isn’t so much about carefully stoking the embers as pouring on gasoline with merry impetuosity. With vocalist Lee Downer and drummer Luke Johnson joined by guitarist Jaxon Moore and bassist Steve Lucarelli, the nascent band was founded on a shared love of ‘90s alternative and grunge, and a shared desire to make music once more for little more than the love of doing so. 

Recorded at Chapel Studios with producer Adrian Bushby, the 10 tracks that arrive under Freaking Out’s banner are the scintillating end product of their self-funded two-week stay, where the four musicians would work all day with joyous abandon on fleshing out the sketches of songs with which they arrived, before retiring at night to unwind over cans of cider and the football.

As their debut album is coming out on May 31st 2024, It was a great pleasure to sit with Luke Johnson & Lee Downer to have an exciting chat on the new album and much more behind Lowlives. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

Track Listing for Freaking Out is as follows:
Freaking Out
Getting High on Being Low
Swan Dive
You Don’t care
Out of Step
Closer Than You Know

Music Videos

The Band

Lee Downer vocals, guitar
Steve Lucarelli bass
Luke Johnson drums
Jaxon Moore guitar

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