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By Gothik Divaa

This time we have in “Metalheads Forever Magazine”  the Greek band of  Dark Metal “W.E.B”, we will talk about their career and the album “Tartarus” .


Hello guys … How are you today?


We are still around, alive and fighting our way through life. In my book this means all is well and I hope the same goes for you and your readers.


We know that you have been running for 16 years and have been very active so far … 1.- How this experience as a band has been for you?


Has it been this much already… I sometimes still think of W.E.B. as a new band you know. Probably because of the line up changes hehe. So far it has been quite some ride, yes, and a tough one as well. But most of the strongest experiences and lessons of my whole life came up because of W.E.B. but, for sure what I can speak of is the present and at this point it feels great! We got a new album out there and we are trying to work our way into the scene more determined and dedicated than ever.


What has been the most rewarding experience so far that has marked you as a band?


As a band we never had as much promotion as we would like, so our exposure is quite limited. When people give us a chance to listen to our music and come to our concerts, it means the world to us that most of them immediately become fans. I cannot think of anything more rewarding than this.


On the other hand you have shared the stage with several bands like : Orphaned Land, To/Die For, Septic Flesh, Inactive Messiah, Dim light, Celtic Frost, Dark Tranquillity, Warrel Dane and many more … what other band you would like to share a stage with in the future ?


Well recently we also shared the stage with Moonspell in a mini Russian tour, which was great. We were booked to play with Moonspell two times before that through the years but both times shows were cancelled. So it was about time. Next month we play with another great influence of ours, Cradle of Filth and in July we participate in the Rockwave Festival billing which is headlined by Iron Maiden. I would say that we should not make anymore wishes for now.


You have traveled to different parts of the world so  in this 2018  Where would you like to take your music ?


Our goal right now focuses on Europe but, we really want to take our show to the USA and Japan as well. It is all a matter of budget though at this point. This is how the business works.


Speaking about your discography,  which was the album that you liked the most ? and why?


Leaving “Tartarus” out of this question because it is obviously my favorite album of ours, I would say that after that comes our 2006 debut album “Don’t Wake Futility”. I miss the impulse of this album and I love the way most of the songs get too personal.


In 2017 you released the album “Tartarus”,  what was the concept of this work ?


“Tartarus” has a lot to do with redemption actually. It starts from the point one has reached their nadir and then finding their way up again as a free spirit. It is a very esoteric and mental concept but at the same time easy to understand. My hope is that it moves people to think about it.


How was the creative process of this album ?


Maybe it was the album that I enjoyed making the most. We were very thrilled into creating something epic and full of energy. We had no boundaries to it. It took a lot of work, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of alcohol but not one time did I feel tired, let me tell you. You can see also a documentary of the making of the album in the DVD that comes with it. According to the audience. How has this album has been received ?


I am not really sure, because we only recently started the concerts for this album but, if we let the numbers speak through sales and streaming, it is for sure the most successful one we released so far. I suppose people like it then.


Just recently you announced  your new bass player and backing vocalist, Hel Pyre (AfterBlood, TV WAR co-hostess, live appearances with King Diamond, Hel Pyre Darkworks). Please tell me about this choice and how Hel Pyre has been welcomed by your fans?


When we needed a new member in the bass and backing vocals, we called out to some people to audition. Hel Pyre was one of these people naturally due to the fact that we are long time friends and also we have been bandmates in a side project called “Christfuck” in which she handled the bass and lead vocals. We are very happy we ended up together and I think it was a very pleasant surprise to our fans.


Talking about your next shows, June 1 and 2 with Cradle of Filth and July 20 you’ll share the stage with Iron Maiden! would you like to comment and tell us what are your expectations and feelings for these great shows coming up?


As I said before, sharing the stage with bands we are big fans of is a dream come true. Nothing but honor and good energy are the feelings we all have for these shows. We have prepared a performance the audience wouldn’t want to miss and we are thrilled to step on the stage again.

And finally …


What΄s is next for “W.E.B” into the near future?


Of course we are working on doing more touring this year and the next. It is not very easy to break through this since we are still a “small” name but, good things come only to those who try, right? 2018 and 2019 are focused on touring and in the meantime this year we will start gathering ideas for the next album so as toalso enter the studio in 2019 to record.


Thank you so much for your time , for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, have a nice day, Greetings from Mexico City, Gothik Divaa.

We thank you for the interview. STAY DARK

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