by Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, It’s a pleasure to have this Interview with you, how are you doing?

I’m doing great thank you, very much looking forward to the release of the new album!

It’s been two years since the release of the 2014 album “Sacrificium” and we are heading into 2017 with the release of the album “Theater of Dimensions” what is the current status of the album in the studio?

There is no ‘studio status’ when is comes to “Theater of Dimensions” except ‘all ready to go!’ Mastering has been finished late summer/ begin fall and since then we are most eager to show the world our newest musical creations!

How are you managing between Ex Libris and Xandria, Do you guys ever thought of having something together?

I’ve been asked this question, 2 questions actually more often. Singing with both bands on the same day/festival/show would not be fair to either of them. I would have to hold back in both shows to have enough energy to also sing the other show and performing on 50% is not something I think a performer should aim for.

Though my time with Xandria it has become clear to me that combining 2 touring bands is nearly impossible. So Ex Libris and I have decided that we have to focus much more on writing new music and only performing at a few special but therefore unique shows. I have always been very determined to not end Ex Libris for this is my very own baby and its music challenges me in a way that no other music does.

Marco and Gerit are the only members of the band from the beginning and Xandria had gone through a whole lot of line-up changes, does it affect the originality of the band or the band had a hard time to get everyone in the loop, to make the Xandria with the same vision when it was started?

That is really hard for me (as ‘newest’ member) to tell. But what I hear from the boys is that they are now more happy than ever with the line up and, as you will hear once our new album is out, ever since ‘Neverworlds’End’ the band has found its style and will not waiver from it.

Back in 2005 you released the album “India” being from India I wanted to have this question, What is your love for India, have you ever visited the country, what do you like about India?

We’ve performed in India with the band in 2014/2015. An amazing experience for which we even put the song ‘India’ back on the setlist! On the origins of the album inspiration I can not answer unfortunately .

What is the support for Xandria in your home country Germany, what is the fans reaction towards Symphonic metal?

Well my home country is the Netherlands but whenever I meet the German fans they surely make me feel at home in their country too. I think Xandria is a band they are really proud of and greatly support!

This question is for Dianne, Dianne, I Came to know about your love for Jewelry, and you are making a lot of metal stuffs, how often do you get orders, If someone wants them how can they contact you?

Oh yes! I have always loved creating jewelry but now that I have found a unique way of combining music with jewelry I’m almost unstopable in my quest haha! My brand is called ‘PRECIOUS METAL’ and under this title I create jewelry out of guitar and bass guitar strings as well as little bits that I cut out of drum cymbals. The strings and cymbals are given to me by the Xandria and Ex Libris boys, but I also have many other bands (Epica, Delain, Ruud Jolie, Anneke van Giersbergen, Stream of Passion, Jaded Star, etc) sending me their used guitar strings. The beauty of it all to me is that those strings that were once used on stage during the performance of someone’s favorite band, now get a second change when turned into a necklace, bracelet, ring, earring or broche.

All my jewelry can be found on my facebook page;

On this page people talk directly to me, can view through my photo albums to see what I have up for sale and profit from nice deals and offers that I put up every now and then.

Most of the Symphonic metal band started and as years pass they started sound more of Pop rather than Metal, What are your thoughts on this, What is the future of Xandria?

I think diversity is a good thing though it should never be used when only based on a commercial purpose. It is most important to create what you yourself would love and what is pure to your heart, close to who you are. If you lose that then the music detached from both band and musician and will cause the fans to not believe the music and performance anymore.

Xandria has performed in a lot of countries and traveled different continents, Is there a place that you would love to go that you have never performed before in the coming years, If so what would the country be?

Good question! Hard to answer though.. I am happy with all offers that come in and all places the music had taken us to so far. But to still give you an answer I will go with ‘Iceland’.

As the new album is going to be out in some weeks, what are your plans for 2017?

Touring of course! Behind the scenes we are really busy trying to combine our calendars, make routings, rehearsals and everything else we need in preparation to present the world with “Theater of Dimension”

It was a pleasure having this Interview with you, Thanks very much for your time, do you have any message for the fans?

I would like to thank all our fans and followers for their neverending support and love! It is because of you that we get to live our dreams, tour the world and bring our music to your doorstep. We are forever grateful.


Keith Clement / Metalheads Forever

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