Alternative rock quartet 4FoxSake has just released the discerning “Make Up My Mind” – the latest single off the group’s most recent EP – “Help Me Escape” (after the direct “925” and the fiery “Fuck Off”)! Featuring the formation’s natural and direct attitude, switching between lively, upbeat instincts and noticeable emotional affection with accomplished melodies and an absolutely thrilling chorus, “Make Up My Mind” is tailor made for singing along and is definitely an ear worm of the nth degree, as every aspect of this tracks walks well above the good line, considering its interesting and dynamic vocal lines, excellent rhythm section and adequate guitar lines, as the final product is certain to translate amazingly to a live setting.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, 4FoxSake comments: “This song is about that time in your life when you feel lost. All your friends seemed to have figured it out and they are on a career path, whereas you are in your mid-twenties with no clear path for life. You find yourself just absorbed by the amount of media available to us these days, whether that’s Netflix or YouTube in a way keeping you numb. You find comfort in wasting away, binge-watching and don’t want to deal with the real world. The track is about the struggle with your inner demons. There’s a voice in your head that knows what you are doing is not good for you and it’s shouting “GET UP GET OUT IT’S ALL OUT THERE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?” It’s about overcoming depression and the feeling of being lost. The voice is telling you that the world is beautiful and you should go out there and enjoy it. Stop feeling sorry about yourself and just go for it. Fight for your dreams and ambitions.”

“Make Up My Mind” is off 4FoxSake‘s most recent EP – “Help Me Escape” – available everywhere!


1. “925”
2. “Fuck Off”
3. “Help Me Escape”
4. “Make Up My Mind”


Disturbingly Good


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