It’s been over a year since I last had a chat with Michael of Artillery. Naturally, we all missed him.  He remembered everything. What we talked about last time, the enormous amounts of fun that we had, and we were both ready for some more.

I was in a mood to do my 5 questions thingy, and luckily he was too.

Money aside, what do you need right now?

A lot of touring for the band. A new record. Hopefully we are going to have a new record released in the middle of next year. And we are going on a big tour to Asia and Australia, also Russia in January and February to which we are looking forward to. These things are making my life better, you know because I love to play live. So things like that and hopefully more!

If Artillery came with a 30’’ trailer, what would yours showcase?

Hahaha! Oh there are so many good moments! Like the Wacken show, or when people got our new album and gave us good reviews, these are the moments that we are really proud of.

Let’s create a band with only dead members. Who would you choose?

Ok! I would say Cliff Burton of Metallica, my brother Morten Stützer on the guitars, Cozy Powell on drums, I would say Ronnie James Dio of course as well…


Artillery is ranked as a Danish thrash metal band and people describe your music as highly energetic. Does this amount of energy has its toll? How do you manage to have the same amount of rock star energy on every album and on every live show?

That’s very easy because we really love to play. It comes naturally. I can’t just play to make an album or to make a show. I have to feel it 100%. And if you really love to play, people can hear that it’s coming from your heart. It’s very important to me to really be honest.

So, what’s new with the band? What are you up to lately and what does the future hold?

A new single in March and a tour in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Russia, new festivals, and of course a new album coming out soon! Stay tuned because lot of great things are happening!

Until the next one,

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