A Sound Of Thunder – It Was Metal

Review by Rainer Kerber

Is it really already three years ago? In September 2015, the last regular studio album by A Sound Of Thunder (“Tales Rrom The Deadside”) was released. A year later, the quartet from Washington DC followed it up with the cover album “Who Do You Think We are?”. If you include this, “It Was Metal” is album number seven. It is already a good tradition to pre-finance the production of the albums with the help of the fans. Also this time the band started a very successful crowdfunding campaign. On the platform Kickstarter they received more than twice the hoped for $ 30,000. The result is now available and can be reviewed. Has the wait of the fans been worthwhile?

Without an intro, A Sound Of Thunder started to rock with “Phantom Flight”. Front belter Nina Osegueda in a duet with Mark Tornillo (Accept). What a powerful song. And guitarist Josh Schwartz shows with his first solos that he belongs to the best of his guild. A song with a hymnic character. In “Life Bringer” the speed is again increased. Guitars and drums drive the singer literally forward. But ASOT can also do Southern rock. They prove that with the short interlude “The Crossroads Deal”. The amazing Harmonica was recorded by Neal Harren. After that, the title song “It Was Metal” seamlessly follows. And the title is concept. THIS is Metal, Heavy Metal at its best! You can’t play it any better. In addition to the ingenious guitar solo, the bass melody is impressively heard.

“Obsidian & Gold” beginns quiet, balladic. Here you can hear one of Nina’s best vocal performances. Later, the Hammond organ wafts out of the boxes, played by Tony Carey (ex-Rainbow). A tribute to the hard rock of the 70’s, Deep Purple and Rainbow give their regards. With “Els Segadors” Nina Osugeda shows that she is of Catalan descent. The old folk song has been the official national anthem of the autonomous region of Catalonia since 1931. The band has written English lyrics for this purpose. In the video of the song you can see pictures from the much-acclaimed performance in Barcelona. Before closing, there’s “Charles II” another a power metal tour de force. The singer literally screams her soul out of her body. Next to Josh bassist Jesse Keen can once again prove his skills and Chris Haren has to do heavy work again at the battery.

To answer my initial question, yes, the wait was definitely worth it. “It was Metal” has been in heavy rotation at mine for days. Nina and her boys have achieved an outstanding album. The best that I have heard this year and for me a very hot candidate for the title “Metal Album of the Year”. But that’s not enough. As big comic fans the musicians bring their fans a real added value with a comic to the album. Here stories are told to the individual songs. And also, the video for the title song was produced in the best comic style. I can only recommend the album to any metal fan!

A Sound Of Thunder – Els Segadors (The Reapers) – Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/VuzXAUN4Lh8
A Sound Of Thunder – It Was Metal (featuring Brian Posehn) – Official Video: https://youtu.be/_hirlhNcVa4


Nina Osegueda – Vocals
Josh Schwartz – Guitar
Chris Haren – Drums
Jesse Keen – Bass

Label: Mad Neptune Records

Out: June 15th 2018

Duration: 58:04

Track list:

  • Phantom Flight
  • Lifebringer
  • Atlacatl
  • The Crossroads Deal
  • It Was Metal
  • Obsidian & Gold (Desdinova Returns)
  • Second Lives
  • Els Segadors (The Reapers)
  • Tomyris
  • Charles II
  • Fortress of the Future Race

Rating : 10/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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