Deathcore quartet A Wake In Providence sign with Unique Leader and reveal new single ‘GodKiller’

New York, USA deathcore band A Wake In Providence have announced signing with Unique Leader Records, and have released their huge new single ‘GodKiller’.

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The band comment: “‘GodKiller’ came about after some discussion of what’s next for us. I felt we needed a change, something to show where we are as a band and something that we as a whole felt was right. This song is by far the most important song we have ever released, and we feel the song and the accompanying video shows how seriously we take that. We hope you all enjoy ‘GodKiller’. Thank You.” 

On signing with Unique Leader“When something feels right, you know it’s right and signing with Unique Leader felt right from the start. I believe I speak for everyone when I say, we truly feel connected to the team at UL and can’t wait for what the future holds with such a strong support system and partnership.”

Formed in 2010 from unremarkable beginnings, A Wake In Providence diligently grew to become the renowned and otherworldly force they are today. Originally a heavier-than-your-average deathcore act, the band’s debut 2010 demo and 2012 debut EP Serpents saw them infusing a raw and ruthless take on traditional deathcore with contemporary metallic elements to make something sharp enough to cut its way through the thicket of bland, boring heavy music acts. While Serpents gained the band notoriety in their local area, it wasn’t until the release of their sophomore EP, Insidious, that the band went from prodigally talented to true rising stars in the heavy music community. Adding a liberal dose of downtempo deathcore to their instrumental stylings, Insidious earned the band global infamy and critical acclaim, as well as tours with some of the underground’s bigger names-including In Dying ArmsExtortionist and Lorna Shore, as well as several smaller solo runs along the East Coast.

Never ones to remain complacent, A Wake In Providence grew once more in 2016, with the addition of Will Ramos (now with Lorna Shore), but also with their drastic stylistic change, omitting their penchant for low, slow downtempo deathcore in favour of a renewed focus on more aggressive, fast and furious traditional deathcore elements with a razor-sharp technical twist. Combining marvellous metallic riffs with crushing breakdowns and shrill, sinister vocals to create an intense onslaught unlike any other band in the heavy music scene, A Wake In Providence are vile enough to make the sewers look clean, and vicious enough to tear the still-beating heart out of the listener’s chest.

Now a quartet with new vocalist Adam Mercer and signing with the legendary Unique Leader RecordsA Wake In Providence‘s status looks set to only rise further.

A Wake In Providence are:

Adam Mercer – Vocals
D’Andre Tyre – Guitar/Orchestration/Vocals
Jordan Felion – Guitar
Jesse Mcenneny – Drums

A Wake In Providence online:

Unique Leader Records online:
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