ABBINORMAL: Italian death metallers unveil new album details, “Hexakosioihexekontahexafobia” single now streaming

They drew attention from fans and media thanks to their debut album “1996” and to several live shows since the album release. Now Italian death metallers ABBINORMAL are ready to announce the details of their upcoming new studio album, “Grind Hotel”,  which will be released in digipak CD and digital formats via Ad Noctem Records on March 23rd 2023.

The album recording sessions took place at the Ironape Studio in Vigevano, under the guidance of Federico Lino. Mix and mastering have been handled by Carlo Altobelli (BULLDOZER, EYEHATEGOD, DISTRUZIONE, BLASPHEMER, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, HUSQWARNAH) at his own Toxic Basement Studio.

ABBINORMAL‘s sound is a brutal, aggressive and psychotic blend of grindcore and death metal, clearly influenced by some of the genres’ greats, but rich with personal details and nuances that help define the band’s own trademark.

Album tracklist:

One Minute Silence
Ho Chi Minh Trail 
Negative Vibes
Grind Hotel
Be Sick
The Summer Is Tragic 
Big Crunch
Gli Esclusi
Cynicism At 52 Hz

Cover artwork by Davide Scianca

Stream “Hexakosioihexekontahexafobia

Watch “Discrimination” video

Line Up:
Marco Comini – Bass
Luca Cacciatore – Drums
Max Maestrelli – Guitars
Eric Vieni – Vocals/Synth



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