Acid Reign ‘The Age of Entitlement’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Dissonance Productions/Thrash Metal

It has been far too long since Acid Reign were last on the radar. Following their reformation in 2015, the Yorkshire thrashers released a few singles and played numerous live dates before announcing their comeback album ‘The Age of Entitlement’ released this year.

The near three-decade absence from the scene has done little to dull Acid Reign’s steel and ‘The Age…’ blisters forward with all the bile and venom that one can expect from this cult band. However, Acid Reign do not stick to thrash clichés from the late 80’s, instead, the Yorkshire band let loose at modern society, the superficial flattery and instant gratification that comes from the social media era by taking on the narcissists, internet personalities and political intrigue from everyday life and turning it into vicious tirade of thrashing guitars and biting vocals. This can be seen during the tracks ‘The New Low’, ‘#newagenarcissist’ and the rumbling closer ‘United Hates’, but there are two tracks in particular where this album excels, one is the memorable and singalong chorus of ‘Within The Woods’ that reminds us of the cult horror movie ‘Evil Dead’, whilst the other being ‘Blood Makes Noise’, a cover of the 1992 Suzanne Vega hit song, which even features the folk-alternative star herself.

‘The Age…’ is 45 minutes of pure thrashing fun, it is enjoyable throughout without pushing boundaries or breaking new ground. With this album, Acid Reign stick to what they know and they do it well, delivering an album that although won’t reach anywhere near the upper echelons of albums released this year, should be checked out by thrash fans.

Rating : 70/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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