Chicago based hard rock band Aeraco, have risen from the Covid-19 slumber with a brand new single and a music video to match. The release of “True North” is not only a punchy melodic jam that begs to be turned up but this also signals a new era for the band as they have unveiled a new member. Although they had released covers in recent years featuring prominent artists like Ras Andersen (Diamond Head) and guitar legend Michael Angelo Batio, their last original release goes back to “Baptized By Fire” in 2017. Although seemingly overdue, “True North” shows the band understood the assignment and used their time well.
         Aeraco is known to self-produce and record their own material. However, they approached their latest song with a fresh approach regarding production and writing. “True North is representative of our refined writing process and collective growth over the past few years. We incorporated a new recording method and experimented with layering instruments. Our goal was to keep the same Aeraco vibe we all love, but capture the full creativity and talent of the band”, says Beast (Bassist). The song boasts a fresh writing format, vocal harmonies and percussive decisions unlike what they’ve previously put out displaying a welcomed maturity.
         Aside from a new song and engaging lyric video, the band has also welcomed a new member to the Aeraco family. Bryan “Phoenix” Hughey has permanently stepped in to play drums and is exactly what the band needed to move to the next level. On writing with the band thus far, Bryan reports, “Working with the guys in Aeraco has been a very unique experience relative to the many other bands I’ve been in. There’s generally a specific vision in mind for every song, and there’s a very organic and stylized approach to refining things down to reach that vision. ‘True North’ is a great example of this process. I’m stoked to be a part of Aeraco’s future, and can’t wait to continue to write, record, and perform with them as a full-fledged member”. You can see Bryan “Phoenix” Hughey at the 3:30 mark of their lyric video.
         Aeraco reports to be working on more music to be released soon. For now, you can check out their latest release below:

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