Vai al Diavolo” is the third single that introduces “Demone” (Demon) the debut EP by ALIS out now for Rusty Records. The song, direct and with a rock taste, produced by Davide Gobello, tells the need to free ourselves from the inner monsters that oppress us. It’s a song aimed at ourselves that encloses and channels the anger accumulated inside and vents it outwards to end our inner malaise. “Go to hell” is a way of saying we’re tired of feeling bad, it’s time to send all the negativity to hell. The essence of the piece comes from an ideal of life without filters, without any oppression.

Alis says: 

DEMONE (Demon) tells us about the internal and external pressures which we want to escape from; they are often caused by toxic people who sometimes surround us. It’s a journey in search of our best inner strength, to stop hurting ourselves and to live in peace with ourselves, with our weaknesses.

7 songs with a rock, alternative rock, punk, grunge taste that go through 7 stages of a life full of obstacles and difficulties. In a path where with the right energy we can always stand up again, write a better future, without regrets and without ever looking back”.

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ALIS (Alessia Picchiotti) is a young emerging singer and artist from Rome. Songwriter, composer and sound designer, she stands out embodying a sense of rebellion with her rock songs and with her performances full of grit. Her songs’ melodies and lyrics are meant to transmit the right energy to get rid of our fears and face the obstacles that life makes us deal with.

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