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Picking up the best elements from progressive metal, groove metal and alternative music, Portuguese fast-rising band ALLAMEDAH kicks off the new deal with UPRISING! Records by releasing the new digital single “Desvanescente”, produced by Daniel Cardoso (of Anathema fame). 

With subtle layers of pop, prog rock, and groove metal – and crowned by a stunning solo by Roberto Barros (Edu Falaschi’s guitar player) – ”Desvanescente” gets a powerful message across, while maintaining Allamedah’s musical soul intact. 

Our society is often driven by a sense of progress, with an emphasis on growth, productivity, and achievement. But in many ways, this emphasis is an illusion, masking the underlying sense of futility that pervades our lives.

We are told that success lies in climbing the ladder, acquiring more, and achieving greater levels of status and recognition. But in the end, these pursuits often leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled, as we realize that they do little to address the deeper questions and longings of the human spirit.

The futility of our society lies in its failure to recognize the limitations of material success, and its neglect of the deeper needs and desires that drive us as human beings. It is a society that values quantity over quality, speed over contemplation, and competition over collaboration.

In the face of this futility, we are challenged to seek out new forms of meaning and purpose, question the assumptions and values that underpin our society, and to embrace a more holistic and humanistic approach to life. We are invited to reclaim our sense of wonder and awe, rediscover the power of creativity and imagination, and cultivate a deeper sense of connection and community with those around us.

Ultimately, the futility of our society is a call to action, an invitation to look beyond the illusions of progress and embrace a more authentic and meaningful way of life

Check out the “Desvanescente” digital single or the official video of the song in UPRISING! Records Youtube page here. The video has English subtitles available.

Allamedah is a Portuguese metal band, founded in 2016 by singer and guitarist David Bitton and drummer João Faria. 

The group’s sound is evidently marked by modern metal and the fusion with other musical genres, such as fado and rap, as demonstrated by the collaborations on the songs “Algema”, with fado singer Valéria and the Portuguese guitar of João Luzio; and “Incerto”, which featured rapper Jayneto. They sing mainly in Portuguese and English, with the occasional use of Hebrew.

A new Allamedah’s digital EP, “Alma”, will be released this Summer.

David Bitton – vocals, guitars
João Faria – drums
Hugo Capelo – bass
Joao Corceiro – guitar
Roberto Barros – guitar solo (guest)

Digital single:

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