Alt-Rock artist Prismia releases hard-hitting new single ‘Don’t Look!’. Based out of Seattle, ‘Prismia’ is spearheaded by songwriter, producer, drummer and lead vocalist Anna Mariko Seymour. 

Her latest single ‘Don’t Look!’ is a continuation of the expansive rock sound Prismia has cultivated since her debut in 2021. ‘Don’t Look!’ gives listeners a peek into Prismia’s world of uncomfortable vulnerability,  the track centres around the idea of keeping up appearances and not wanting to look ‘messy’ during trying times. Prismia outlines the societal pressures you can put on yourself to look fine in a world where everyone is portraying a ‘perfect’ version of themselves. 

The track is backed by a wall of distorted guitar lines, impactful drum beats and piercing synths that sit atop Prismia’s impassioned vocal performance. The music perfectly mirrors the theme of the track with a punchy chorus that features Prismia’s punk-infused exclamations of ‘Don’t Look!’ and crescendoing verses that rise in intensity mimicking the frustration and growing angst towards the situation. The track culminates into a brilliantly chaotic breakdown that utilises a shredding violin solo to cap off an explosive single that’s sure to get any live venue bouncing. 

With more music on the horizon and the promise of live dates to come, 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Prismia. 

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