AMONGRUINS Drops Second Single “Tear Me Apart”

AMONGRUINS Drops Second Single “Tear Me Apart” From Upcoming Album “Land Of The Black Sun”

Greek Melodic Death Metal outfit AMONGRUINS are set to send shockwaves through the music scene with their upcoming third album, “Land Of The Black Sun”. After the resounding success of their debut single, “Wells of War”, the band has just released the lyric video for their second single, “Tear Me Apart”, available exclusively on YouTube.

Derived from desolate fields and profound human emotions, “Tear Me Apart” is a riveting anthem exploring themes of darkness and despair. The song combines raw intensity and melodic intricacy, painting a vivid picture of a ravenous hunger, silent anticipation, and the profound burden of a shattered mind. This haunting portrayal of raw emotion ensures AMONGRUINS’ sonic landscapes leave a lasting impression on the listener.

With the success of “Wells of War” serving as a solid foundation, “Tear Me Apart” continues to demonstrate the band’s musical prowess and compelling storytelling. The accompanying lyric video perfectly encapsulates the essence of the track, with powerful imagery bringing the poignant lyrics to life.

Slated for release on July 14th via Theogonia Records, “Land Of The Black Sun” will be available digitally and as a 6-panel Digipack CD. The album promises to further cement AMONGRUINS’ position in the metal scene as a musical tour de force, intertwining aggression, melancholy, and atmospheric depth. Fans can anticipate a blend of crushing riffs, scorching solos, and profound lyrics exploring the darkest corners of human existence.

Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the release of “Land Of The Black Sun”. AMONGRUINS are ready to unleash their sonic fury upon the world, and “Tear Me Apart” offers a tantalizing glimpse into this highly anticipated album. Prepare for a captivating aural journey that leaves you yearning for more.

Sotiris “Sverd” – Vocals, Bass, Keys
Thanos – Guitars
Alex Flouros – Guitars
Nick Friligos – Drums


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