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AN ABSTRACT ILLUSION will release sophomore full-length album WoeSeptember 9 on Willowtip Records. Pre-orders available at:

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“An absolutely fucking herculean masterstroke.” (10/10)

– Black Metal Daily

“Masterpiece.” (10/10)

– Metal-Only

“Combining beauty and brutality in a unique way, the album’s musical depth is a feat to behold, one that will remain lodged in the psyche long after the final note is heard.” (10/10)

– Metal Temple

“A splendid work, full of technique and beautiful melodies, but without leaving aside the aggressive touch of the genre.” (9.5/10)

– Metallerium

“Excellent and highly recommended.” (9.5/10)

– The Coroners Report

“Packed with infectious melodies, beauty and carnage. Amazing album.” (9/10)

– Metal Purgatory Media

“An Abstract Illusion has managed another stroke of genius with Woe.” (9/10)


“A truly special mix was created by laying a hard, mostly melodic death metal foundation under the soft, breathing keyboard melodies, and at other times they entertain with progressive elements, broken rhythms, clean vocals, and choruses that appear in the public consciousness.” (9/10)

– Femforgacs

“An Abstract Illusion make death metal vibrant.”

– Invisible Oranges

“Woe is quite the piece of work. An Abstract Illusion have seriously impressed. Essential listening.”

– Wonderbox Metal

“A wonderful listening time that we wholeheartedly recommend to any metal fan who is a bit open-minded.” (96/100)

– Musika

 “It is true that the label progressive death metal can easily be stuck on, but the Woe is so much more. Post-metal, black, shoe gaze, progressive rock… Woe is made up of many colours.”

– Zware Metalen

“Cinematically charged modern extreme metal.”

– Grizzly Butts

  “A very great sounding atmospheric, melodic and progressive mixture of black and death metal.”

– A Different Shade of Black Metal

Six years after a highly praised full-length debut album (Illuminate The Path), AN ABSTRACT ILLUSION return with their second album Woe. A giant and intricate slab of atmospheric death metal inspired by black metal, progressive rock and electronica, Woe offers up some of AN ABSTRACT ILLUSION’smost accomplished melodies and riffs to date. A 60-minute song divided into seven pieces, combining beauty and brutality in a unique way, the album’s musical depth is a feat to behold, one that will remain lodged in the psyche long after the final note is heard. Let the waves wash over you, the behemoth has awoken…

 Artwork was done by Adam Burke (Sólstafir, Vektor, Barren Earth, First Fragment, Gatecreeper and many more).

Mixing/mastering was done by Robin Leijon (Equilibrium, ATENA, and In Dying Arms).

Track Listing:

  1. The Behemoth That Lies Asleep
  2. Slaves [Video]
  3. Tear Down This Holy Mountain
  4. Prosperity
  5. Blomsterkrans
  6. In The Heavens Above, You Will Become A Monster [Video]
  7. This Torment Has No End, Only New Beginnings

Christian Berglönn – Vocals

Karl Westerlund – Guitars & Bass

Robert Stenvall – Keyboards & Vocals


Chaos meets atmosphere, brutality meets beauty. That’s two ways of describing An Abstract Illusion’s ambient-influenced Death Metal.

Hailing from northern Sweden, An Abstract Illusion was formed in 2007. This trio draws inspiration from genres such as electronica, indie and folk, which makes for wildly varied music where no song is the same as the other.

In the summer of 2014 the group released their debut EP Atonement is Nigh, garnering interest from all over the world. In July 2016 the band released their debut full length, Illuminate The Path.

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