Anacrusis ‘Manic Impressions’/‘Screams and Whispers’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Metal Blade Records/Thrash Metal



Earlier this year, cult thrash band Anacrusis announced their return to the heavy metal field. Alongside this, Metal Blade Records have re-released the Anacrusis catalogue starting with the band’s debut and sophomore album ‘Suffering Hour’ (1988) and ‘Reason’ (1990) on the 27th September.  As part of a staggered release, this month has Metal Blade Records re-releasing both ‘Manic Impressions’ (1991) and ‘Screams and Whispers’ (1993).




Just like the previous two re-releases, Metal Blade Records have not only taken the time to re-release, but once again, given the albums the care and love that they deserve; a love that can only be delivered by a record label that is dedicated to the heavy metal cause. What the listener will get here are a glimpse into the final part of the Missouri band’s discography. Whilst thrash had all but disappeared underground by 1993, both ‘Manic Impressions’ and ‘Screams…’ shows a band adapting and ploughing their own furrow; stepping away from a generic thrash routine found on their first two albums, Anacrusis still have touches of Metallica and Testament, but there is a generic move to a more progressive sound seen by Voivod, Watchtower and Coroner. Whilst Anacrusis were generally ignored at the time, these two albums are among the band’s best work, tracks such as ‘Idle Hours’, ‘A Screaming Breath’ and ‘Sound the Alarm’ stand equally tall amongst their debut and sophomore albums.

Once again, these latest two re-releases show two excellent cult albums and any fan of thrash metal would do well to acquire these albums now that they’re available again. It will certainly not disappoint and find itself in a constant rotation.

Rating : 85/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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