U.S. Swede-Death worshipers ANGEROT have officially released the blood-filled vinyl edition of their 2018 album The Splendid Iniquity.

The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition is a limited-edition, liquid-filled vinyl injected with the blood of ANGEROT vocalist C.R. Petit.

This limited edition album comes in a black “body bag” packaging with a “toe-tag” label and Certificate of Authenticity. Order now at


The band comments on the release: “2022 marks the five-year anniversary of ANGEROT, and the fourth anniversary of the release of our first album, ‘The Splendid Iniquity.’ We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into what we do, and felt it necessary to commemorate our five-year marker with something very special, and very unique. One of the most unique, if not the ultimate in rarity is liquid-filled vinyl. Bringing the hand-crafted splendor that holds fluid in suspension inside the record itself. To make this as metal as humanly possible, a portion of C.R Petit’s blood was injected into suspension into each of these splendors of vinyl.”

A promo video for The Splendid Iniquity – Sanguine Edition, showing the entire vein-to-vinyl process, can be seen at youtu.be/PNNnSQ_rQes

Featuring a cast of seasoned veterans who share roots that reach back to the very beginnings of the Death Metal Movement, ANGEROT is more than a nod to early Swedish Death Metal, they are pure Swede Death Worship. Recorded with Eddie G at Underground Studios, mixed by Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, Grave, At the Gates) at Sunlight Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSeige, The Splendid Iniquity is a savage 40-minute sonic assault of 90’s Earache Records-era buzzsaw on your eardrums.

The album boasts guest appearances by some of the greatest names in Death Metal; LG Petrov (Entombed, Entombed AD, Firespawn), James Murphy (Death, Cancer, Disincarnate, Obituary, Testament ), making The Splendid Iniquity an absolute must-listen for any fan of 90s Death Metal.

“Angerot have mastered the art of HM2-drenched Swedish death metal worship.” – Decibel Magazine

“What is an excellent album. It’s fucking heavy and it’s fucking good!”

  • Metal Temple

“Blunt, heavy and very effective. ‘The Splendid Iniquity is a record that will keep spinning for every true death metal fan. Great debut!” – Lords of Metal

“This is death in its purest and most menacing form.” – Cadaver Garden



Disturbingly Good


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