Milwaukee (WI) – U.S. Progressive Death Metal band ANOMALY have released sophomore full-length album Somewhere Within The Pines. Purchase and streaming options are below!

Somewhere Within The Pines on Spotify

Somewhere Within The Pines on YouTube

“Somewhere Within The Pines finds ANOMALY grinding out the best music of their career. A band that needs to be signed to a big label like Century Media or Metal Blade Records.”

– Wormwood Chronicles

“An impressive record that’s full of atmosphere, engaging storytelling, and smart songwriting. It’s a remarkable step forward from their previous work.”

– Noob Heavy

“This isn’t your dad’s Death Metal.”

– Metal Temple

“You can hear everything from classic death metal to some mid 90s Swedish melodic death, progressive parts, making you want to keep listening. The intention of not sounding standard is evident.”

– Metallerium

A concept album written as a love letter to ANOMALY’s progressive death metal influence, the material offered is of the ghastly, gruesome sort, as one will note from the “press statement” that follows!


After the ninth missing child case in a little over the year, the police have admitted they may have a serial killer in the area. “These woods are deep and easy to get lost in,” the sheriff said during a press conference on the latest missing child. “No remains have been found so we were hoping for the best, but now the time is to get real” “There’s evil out there” one local stated. “I would NEVER let my kids go out there!” 

The town has a history of bizarre violent crimes dating back over 100 years, including the case of Diana Davidson who was murdered by her husband before he shot himself in front of police. The words “DON’T BELIEVE THE SPIDER’S LIES” were written on the kitchen wall in Diana’s blood. “The spider” likely refers to a local legend of a spider demon that lives in the woods. Stephine Weber, a Youtuber who gained notoriety when one of her videos exposed police incompetence to such a degree that the town’s mayor resigned, said she will be doing a series documenting the area’s nefarious history. “I just want to see if I can go out there and help, get a fresh pair of eyes on the situation,” she said in her latest upload. Though law enforcement have expressed concerns over Weber’s involvement, the parents of the missing children welcome any assistance available in solving the mystery.

Track Listing:

  1. Cursed to Meet Another Sunrise
  2. Somewhere Within The Pines [Video]
  3. These Cold Weeping Winds
  4. My Old Bleached Bones
  5. Don’t Go Out Into the Woods Alone
  6. Sentenced to the Trees
  7. One Last Glimpse At the Cursed Sun

Somewhere Within The Pines was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Kutz at Cherry Pit Studios

Album Line-Up:

Neil Tidquist – Guitar Vocals
Mary Beers – Keyboards
John Ibarra – Guitar
Daniel Stachowiak – Bass
Sam Morrison – Drums
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Anomaly Spotify


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