AraPacis released the 7th studio album

Press release of AraPacis

AraPacis to release their seventh album “Paradox of Denial” and the band would like to welcome their new member David Stone on keyboards (recording)! David has a fantastic history, especially as a member of Rainbow and Max Webster.

The Montreal hard rock/progressive metal band AraPacis, fronted by Scots singer Michelle Macpherson and led by Canadian guitarist Jerry Fielden, will be releasing their seventh album, “Paradox of Denial”, this coming September 2019 on Blackhouse Records. Physical copies are available through the band’s website and will be released through their label in the USA and Europe and distributed by PAG music in Canada, as well as immediately through electronic downloads at and other electronic distribution sites.

The reviews have been saying that this is their best album yet and it features ex-Rainbow and Max Webster keyboardist David Stone (who is now a current member of AraPacis,) Witch Mountain singer Kayla Dixon, Paul Di’Anno/Hollywood Monsters guitarist Steph Honde and Mile Marker Zero keyboardist Mark Focarile, amongst others.

AraPacis are again taking you on a journey into a wide range of different styles, from the hard rock of “Order of the Ember Queen” through blues-rock, prog rock, thrash metal and even hints of jazz to the mix of folk, prog, dirty gritty sludge and classical on the title track “Paradox of Denial”. And don’t worry metal fans, there are lots of guitar solos and crunchy riffs to go around on this release!

Notes: The cover art is by Ian Gillan solo guitarist Michael Lee Jackson. And Jenny Haan, vocalist of Babe Ruth, has helped out on production on the song “Spearhead.”


Hard Rock/Progressive Single “Order of the Ember Queen” with David Stone on keyboards here:

Blues-Rock single “Pressure Cooker” here:


Disturbingly Good


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