Arsenic Addiction’s New Music Video “Moon & Sun” Explores The Dramatic Story of Star Crossed Lovers

Arsenic Addiction:
(left to right)
Tyler Gipson – Guitars
Nate Dahlquist – Drums
Haley Grow (Lady Arsenic) – Vocals, Keyboard
James Kessler – Guitars
Sam Anderson – Bass
Photo by: Brian Medeiros 

Utah’s Arsenic Addiction has a new music video “Moon & Sun” to unveil, which comes from their 2019 album “XIX”. As their third album, it shows a grown-up version of the band that has moved away from the theatrical Victorian theme they first embraced as a group. It is the longest they have spent writing and recording as they decided to focus on quality rather than just getting something out. This precision and attention to detail carries forward in the cinematic video for “Moon & Sun”.

According to the band, this single has been their biggest challenge to date as they set out to tell a tale that some of us know all too well. The band explains further:

“Star-crossed lovers, twin flames, but in their most tumultuous form. Everything was shot in the studio, which is something we’ve never done before. We had to create everything ourselves from the sets to the props, lighting, make-up, costumes, and supporting creations from some talented artists we admire. All of our videos have been ‘DIY’, but this time we didn’t have the beauty and awe of nature to rely on to help tell the story. An ancient archetype occurring in mythos throughout eternity, across the earth, from the stars above to the underworld below.  This is merely our story of ‘Moon & Sun’”.

5 years of hard work, late nights, band lineup changes, and dedication have cumulated into “XIX” and the listener should feel as though they are experiencing a journey of another’s love, sadness, anger, and pain. It’s laid out to feel as though you have walked in on the solitary practice of a witch, her life, her experiences, her secrets, her black rites. 

“Moon & Sun” was filmed and directed by Brian Medeiros, and features costume pieces by Tuahadedana Germany, Hysteria Machine UK and Aconite Creations UK.

Dark, gothic and heavily melodic, Arsenic Addiction is recommended for fans of Cradle of Filth, Behemoth and In This Moment.

The video for “Moon & Sun” can be viewed via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE

“XIX” was released on September 23, 2019.

Arsenic Addiction‘s “XIX” is available on Arsenicaddiction.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple MusicAmazon.

Track Listing:
1. As Above (3:53)
2. Moon & Sun (5:49)
3. Air (2:57)
4. Tomb of Sleep (3:52)
5. Spirit (2:53)
6. Summons (5:42)
7. Ash of the Earth (3:52)
8. Water (4:03)
9. Amethyst (5:33)
10. Fire (3:02)
11. Maleficium (5:00)
12. Earth (3:46)
13. So Below (4:39)
Album Length: 55:05

For more info:  

“Arsenic Addiction’s new track “Maleficium” is otherworldly and bewitching. The heavy driving guitar and drums are complimented by both screaming and clean vocals and ethereal keyboard, creating an ethereal feel that is spooky and enchanting.” – Metal Injection

“It is mournfully violent metal that has the chameleon-like ability to interest fans of different genres.” – SLUG Magazine

“Their stage show is an intriguing mix of melodic metal and amazing theatrics that seduces your senses” – Metal Underground

“Hailing from Salt Lake City one of the Mormon capitals of the world, it is quite refreshing to find a band with such an aggressive yet melodic sound and imposing stage presence” – Infernal Masquerade Webzine


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