ASGARD debuts video for “BLACKOUT” and proposes psychological reflections combining diverse musical influences

After obtaining expressive recognition within the underground scene of CURITIBA (PR) , the band ASGARD released the long-awaited clip of the new single “ BLACKOUT ”. The song is a powerful mix between styles such as post-grunge and alt metal, and brings important reflections on psychological aspects of the human mind, such as depression, anxiety and panic.

Directed and produced by JAN MAYER , the video for “ BLACKOUT ” features scenes that dialogue at all times with the message behind the song. According to guitarist and vocalist RENANHENRIQUE , the entire production and recording process was carried out with great attention to detail and took an incredible 17 hours to get the result.

“ BLACKOUT presents a scenario of chaos, which can be interpreted as a destruction of the material world, as a ‘blackout’ of ideas inside the head, as a diagnosis of depression or anxiety. The verse depicts panic, fear and pain. The chorus comes with relief, as if waking you up from a nightmare. Then the lyrics call for reflection: ‘What if tomorrow were your last day?’. During the design of the clip, we added several takes that fit into the context of the song. We all really liked the result”, said the performer RENANHENRIQUE .

About the sound of “ BLACKOUT ” guitarist DAYLTONCARVALHO explains that the great challenge was to dialogue with all the different musical influences of the band members. This “melting pot” makes the new single show striking features of genres such as post-grunge, hard rock and alt metal.

“The great difficulty of this first work was to find the balance between all the bands and sounds that influence us. Mainly because each of us has very different inspirations. Among the bands that most influenced the sound of ‘ BLACKKOUT’ , I can mention icons such as LINKIN PARK, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, KINGS OF LEON, IMAGINE DRAGONS, NICKELBACK, STONE SOUR and CREED ”, explains DAYLTON CARVALHO.

Still reaping the fruits of the success of the release of “ BLACKOUT ”, ASGARD is already working in full swing on the debut EP, which will show even more of the musical personality of the quartet from Curitiba.

“This release of ‘ BLACKOUT’ was the opening of something completely new for us. Our plan is to release one more music video in the sequence and then an EP with 5 songs. I believe that by the end of the year we will release more new material! Stay tuned on our social media so you don’t miss any news!” , says an enthusiastic RENAN HENRIQUE.

The band ASGARD is formed by: RENAN HENRIQUE (Vocals and Guitar), DAYLTON CARVALHO (Guitar), RAMISSES MIKE (Bass) and GIOVANNI VIC ENTIN (Drums).




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