Swedish death metallers At the gates is back with a new album, 4 years after their comeback album
“At war with reality”
before that their previous release was all the way back in 1995
. They have had several comebacks, 
but hopefully now they are back together to stay.
“At war with reality was a revelation, a great album.

Their new album released May 18 ” To drink from night itself” is even better.
This album is on of the best death metal album i heard in decades. 20018 has given us already many great albums.
But to At the gates have delivered on of the best. The songs are wellwriten with a great atmosphere, no recycled riffs
and harmonies, and of course Tomas Lindbergs characteristic vocal.
It is a album that get better and better for each listen.
This is a album with no weak tracks so it is impossible to find a favorite track.
I can just say give it a listen and if you like At The Gates previous releases, you will love this
album.  My favorite so far this year even with alot of strong releases from prominent bands.


At The Gates are:

Tomas Lindberg-Vocal
Jonas Bjørler-Bass
Adrian Erlandson-Drums
Martin Larson-Guitar
Jonas Stålhammer-Guitar


“A true masterpiece” 10/10

1 Der Widerstand (01:28)
2 To Drink From The Night Itself (03:23)
3 A Stare Bound In Stone (04:08)
4 Palace Of Lepers (04:05)
5 Daggers Of Black Haze (04:42)
6 The Chasm (03:21)
7 In Nameless Sleep (03:37)
8 The Colours Of The Beast (03:50)
9 A Labyrinth Of Tombs (03:30)
10Seas Of Starvation (03:56)
11 In Death They Shall Burn (03:59)
12 The Mirror Black (04:42)






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