Israeli atmospheric black metal project Yagon has released the official lyric video for “A Raven’s Tale” from their self-titled EP, reissued via Wormholedeath worldwide. This astonishing release showcases Yagon’s unique sound, influenced by bands such as Mist of Misery, Summoning, and Rapture.

The visuals in the official lyric video for “A Raven’s Tale” effectively convey the haunting and atmospheric essence of Yagon’s music, creating a powerful and emotional representation of the song’s themes.

Yagon draws inspiration from atmospheric, epic, and doom metal, with influences such as Mist of Misery, Summoning, and Rapture. Yagon is passionate about capturing the essence of sadness and bringing it to life through his music. “A Raven’s Tale” EP is a perfect example of this, featuring a unique blend of atmospheric black metal that is both melancholic and haunting.

As a one-man band, Yagon has poured his deepest emotions, self-taught playing skills, and unique vocal sounds into his music, resulting in a unique sound that is both deeply personal and resonant with fans of the genre. 

To stay updated on Yagon’s music and upcoming projects, follow the band on Facebook, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

The reissued EP is available now via Wormholedeath Records.


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