Aussie Melodic Thrash Metallers INCRYPT have signed with Wormholedeath Records a licensing deal for their debut album “Thrashing Extinction”, due for release on the 25th of February, 2022 worldwide.

Band’s signing statement:
We are super excited to be signed to Wormholedeath. This is a lifelong objective!
Straight off the bat of Thrashing Extinction our fourth official album and a special moment because every Album we have ever put out has been independently distributed from us the band.
Finally a break we got through all the red tape and then bang we were blown away by Carlo Bellotti welcoming Incrypt and his inspiring comments of many. Here is some of what he said…
( I have checked your album “Thrashing Extinction ” …Wow I have been blown away. These songs are absolutely killer…I love the incendiary drive, fairly technical approach and powerful sound. There’s quite a lot of variation in the songs but it sounds like a solid album ) Incrypt signs 2021 to Wormholedeath.

“Thrashing Extinction” Album:
The focal point was creating a Thrash Metal Album for an Incrypt audience to a Thrash Metal fan base. The style is very much distinct with small pockets of early Thrash musical influences, the feel is unique more focused than previous albums by Incrypt. Front man Mars Vali explains how his big desire to go back to the root system derived from medium paced Thrash and early don’t care attitude as a must and passion for the relevance of the genre that continues to stand out the test of time.
“Thrashing Extinction” is born produced and created in Australia!
Features an array of attacking tracks, a symphonic creepy intro kicks off before the first track unleashes Titled – Thrashing Extinction
Then goes through an onslaught of lyrical content all about Thrashing Metal This album has a contemporary feel about it and nothing like early 80’s Thrash it’s more a validation.
The album has a truly edgy magnificent display’s of the Incrypt musical melody and toughness, however they have thrown in a Metal Anthem in the mix – Stars Of The Southern Land – Very much Australiana and all about band’s slaving away playing metal across Aus, which is a stand out track! Also a punk style song all about drinking and partying called – Chaotic Freedom Remains – you know we all need one of those in every epic Metal album.
Even a real life ghost story called – Ghost Hour Chimes – shoved into the array To sum it up! Ten knockout track’s by these legends formed in Melbourne, Australia, an all-round top shelf Aussie Thrash Metal Band & Album.

A must have for your Thrash collection – Thrashing Extinction – by Incrypt.

1. Skulking
2. Thrashing Extinction
3. Ultimate Downunder Attack
4. Pushed Beyond Breaking
5. Open This Pit
6. Extermination
7. Point Evolution
8. Stars Of The Southern Land
9. Ghost Hour Chimes
10. Chaotic Freedom Remains
11. Declaration


Incrypt – Melodic Thrash Metal – Formed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
The year – 2000. Hailing from Melbourne! INCRYPT are a Melodic Medium Paced Thrash Metal Band, Blistering relentless Live crushing shows guaranteed to make your ears bleed & bang your head. An array of previous albums and countless Live Shows all around Aus – They have shared the stage with many.

Current Members:

Mars Vali – Vocals; Byron Vali – Drums;  Damien Bevan – Guitar;

Adam Fox – Bass


Disturbingly Good


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