Rude Awakening Records is thrilled to announce the long-awaited reissue of AYDRA’s debut EP, “Psycho Pain Control.” Originally released in 1996, this seminal work marked the beginning of AYDRA’s journey into the realm of Technical Death Metal. Now, after decades of anticipation, “Psycho Pain Control” is set to return in a stunning new format, reissued on vinyl with exciting enhancements for fans both old and new.

The reissue of “Psycho Pain Control” offers a host of exciting features for collectors and enthusiasts. The EP has been meticulously remastered by the band itself, ensuring that it captures the essence of AYDRA’s early sound with unparalleled clarity and intensity. Additionally, this reissue boasts a striking new artwork design, breathing fresh life into the visual representation of this iconic release.

One of the most exciting aspects of this reissue is the inclusion of bonus tracks taken directly from the band’s early demos. These rare recordings offer a unique glimpse into AYDRA’s formative years, showcasing the raw talent and creativity that would ultimately define their sound. Coupled with the remastered EP tracks, these bonus additions make the reissue of “Psycho Pain Control” a truly essential addition to any collector’s library.

To further commemorate this momentous occasion, the LP version of “Psycho Pain Control” will be released on May 6th, 2024, in a limited edition colored vinyl format. Limited to just 200 hand-numbered copies, this exclusive release is sure to become a coveted item among fans of Technical Death Metal.

The tracklist for “Psycho Pain Control” is as follows:

1. Psycho Pain Control
2. Dream’s Door
3. Revenge
4. Carnage
5. Penance Stare
6. Say Your Prayers (demo)
7. Revenge (demo)
8. Dream’s Door (demo)

In anticipation of the reissue, AYDRA has unveiled a lyric video for the track “Penance Stare,” providing fans with a taste of what to expect from this definitive release.

For those eager to revisit the EP or discover it for the first time, “Psycho Pain Control” is already available for streaming on major platforms.

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