Wall of Sound Records – Bahrain’s 7MND Announces Deeply, Introspective Progressive Single “Verge of Collapse” Off “Cataclysm”

7MND is the solo project of Bahrain’s Hamad Ebrahim Hamad. It started when he was in his late teens, and it was very different from what it is now, but in spirit, the idea behind it is the same: making music that he feels represents him best. It started out as an electronic/experimental project as he first began dabbling in music production, and then it shifted more towards a progressive metal direction. Now it becomes a playground where he fuses all his inspirations together, tells stories through, and conveys emotion. 7MND now has a second EP “Cataclysm” about to be unleashed on the world, and Hamad is introducing it with the single “Verge of Collapse”:

“The single is initially very groove-driven, and then it dives into a roaring cacophony of emotions. The dark, and the honestly vulnerable start of the journey. It lays out the feelings of the main character of the story, how he feels about the world he inhabits, and how heavy the weight of it all feels on his shoulders. It represents nowadays mind’s vortex, complexity, and mystery, melodic guitars mixed with beautiful electronics that don’t necessarily scream out but are buried inside with a hint of craziness, creating layers of melodies, “Verge of Collapse” is a great example of how metal/rock music evolved into something more technical yet with a soul, it is a new genre of its own in the Middle East, a new direction in music writing.” says Hamad.

“Cataclysm” is a concept EP where every track flows into the other like one long song, Hamad hopes to give the listener a journey through the story he tells, one that is easy to relate to, and one that they will find comfort in, through all its relatable moments. He says that he can only hope that it’s a cathartic listen, or one that evokes any type of emotional response, whether in body, mind, or heart.

Emotionally heavy, deeply layered, and introspective, Hamad likes to draw inspiration from both his personal experiences and the stories that fill his life from games, TV shows, and movies. 7MND is recommended for fans of The Contortionist, Stephan Bodzin, and Between the Buried and Me.

7MND‘s “Cataclysm” is due out on November 18, 2022.

Digital (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp) – https://linktr.ee/7MND

Track Listing:
1. Introspect – 2:31
2. Verge of Collapse – 4:17
3. A Light, A Door – 2:28
4. Dream/Infinite – 5:32
5. (No One Left To) Mourn – 3:29
EP Length: 18:19

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad
• All songs written by: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad
• Produced by: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad
• Mixed by: Jack Byrne – Mixing for Song 2-3-4, Hamad Ebrahim song 1, 5
• Mastered by: Arran Dutt
• Album Artwork by: Hamad Ebrahim

EP Band Line Up:
One man band: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad

For more info:

Guitarist/Producer Hamad Ebrahim Hamad from Bahrain, is into various types of music, mainly Metal and Electronic music, he loves to dabble and experiment in new things.

Hamad’s music is a tapestry of stylistic diversity. Whether it’s technical, progressive, djent, or electronic, he finds a way to make the style his own, bending it to his will, and adding it to his repertoire. Oscillating between the familiar and the strange, Hamad’s writing taps into previous melodies, creating reminiscent focal points as the journey progresses. Each track draws the listener in with comforting ambient spaces, subsequently filling them with barrages of intricate riffs like a rolling storm.

Though the music is good enough to give off an intimidating vibe, Hamad is a joy to work with and incredibly easy to approach. His demeanor in the studio is comedic and laidback, but this does not take away from his persistence and professionalism. Always willing to try out new approaches, styles and techniques, both in writing and production, Hamad is quickly making a name for himself in the budding Bahraini music scene.

Hamad’s artistry is not only confined to the sanctuary of the studio. With fifteen live performances under his belt, he maintains solid stage presence and leaves the audience in awe. Credit where credit is due, Hamad remains as one of the most talented and upcoming musicians in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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