Hello, Metalheads from around the world! Not wasting any time, here’s this week’s top picks. P.S – It’s all death metal this time!!

The lucid collective – Archspire


If you love the technical sugarcubes in your cup of death metal, and do not know these guys; you, my friend, are living under a rock. Kind of a mix of Cattle decapitation and Spawn of possession, with super speedy (mind you) vocals, and the drumming (always my favourite part) combined with the overall ear grinding, teeth shattering slams will leave you senseless the first time you hear it, that I guaranty. One of my absolute favourite techdeath albums.

Shotgun macabre – Whispered


Melodic Death/Power Metal with Eastern Folk influences. Lyrically you can also call them Samurai metal, haha! Currently signed to Redhouse Finland Music Publishing, these Finnish dudes are tellers of Japanese legends. A blend of Valjakka’s growls and clean vocals from the other members with well orchestrated Japanese folk music elements, this album is a must listen!

Union of flesh and machine – Blood Red Throne


One of the best death metal albums of the year, these Norwegian death metallers, as I’d like to call them, are the perfect OSDM-eshque sounding jam of the year. Sick intros, killer riffs, gravity blasts, gurgled and shriked vocals with that groovy sound.. What else do you need? Anyone who misses OSDM these days, try them out. You’ll regret if you don’t. (Also, they reminded me of Immolation so you can guess a bit).

Done for this week now. Until next time, stay tuned!

by Shibalika Tamuli

Co-Editor, Web & Graphic Designer and Application Developer, Facebook Groups Senior Admin (@serust) at Metalheads Forever Official


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