Hello metalheads from around the world! Here I am back again, with more weekly suggestions for you guys! Enjoyed the last ones? Well here’s a small request for you all. Do tell me about your preferences (genre-wise or whatever) so that I can bring you stuff of your own choice, spare yourself the hardwork of finding new bands and lemme do it for you. Anyway, enjoy this week’s top picks.

A rose from the dead : Botanist


“Eco terrorist black metal”. Yeah, that’s what the Botanist calls his project. With Otrebor’s unique vocal style and in a departure from traditional black metal, the use of distorted hammered dulcimers and no guitars sets a truly macabre atmosphere depicting the romantic worldview in which plants reclaim the earth after humanity has killed itself. With no digital drum recording edits, you will love the Botanist “playing as close to the edge of his ability as he can”. I can guaranty you goosebumps while listening to this blood curdling, ear piercing black metal gem that’s grown out of the worship of the forest.

Griseus – Aquilus


Yet another one man project hailing from Australia, with a bit of a Burzum-eqshue touch, Aquilus is an atmospheric black metal project with a considerable blend of neoclassical/folk elements. The song structure in this full length release is mainly alternating sequences of Waldorf’s eargasmic growling vocals, powerful drum sessions along with sombre melodic guitar and keyboard pieces like the warmth of a howling autumn fire followed by serene harmonious instrumental pieces like a late summer rainfall. You won’t regret listening to it in any of these situations though.

Cognizant Castigation – Vulvodynia


Okay. Enough of black metal already. Let’s grind our teeth to some technical death shit now. Are you a fan of insane drumming? Vulvodynia is just the perfect squad for you to jam to if you are. Truth to be told, they’re super awesome. Having their own signature ear bursting sound, they’re just pure unique technical death metal bliss. Started by Duncan Bentley and Luke Haarhoff in the beginning of 2014, these South African slam maniacs are bound to get you digging their stuff.

Well enough for this week. I’ll be back with new material from the ultimate crypts and depths of the worldwide scene next week, until then, stay tuned with the biggest metal army in the world.

by Shibalika Tamuli

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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