Battle Beast Interview

By Steven Smith

Being a winner of Wacken Metal Battle of 2010 and continuing to prove that you guys have the drive to create such powerful hard-hitting music, would you ever thought at the beginning of your career you would be on album five?


The moment I stepped in I knew I had found my place. The fifth album is just a beginning.



The latest album, No More Hollywood Endings, is the follow up from your 2017 album Bringer of Pain which was a huge hit with the metal community. How do you feel the album will stand up to your previous releases? 


 It stands up great! It is one of our artwork – it shows the development and diversity we have in our band. Again.



 What was the inspiration for this album/? is there a story or point of view you want to convey to the listener? 


There are different stories and issues we are dealing with in the album  – most of them are very painful. Empowerment and hope end up being the biggest message and atmosphere in this album.



Now this being album five, you guys must have a formula or system that works best for your recording purposes. What is that formula and how long it took you to figure what works best for the band?


The formula changes every now and then. Usually everyone writes down ideas and songs and we get together to talk them through. Songwriters usually make the songs pretty much done before we start working on them.


You have a couple music videos for the album. EDEN, No More Hollywood Endings, and The Golden Horde just to name a few. Would you say these tracks best represents the album in its entirety?


No they do not. Eden and NMHE represent the symphonic and melancholic side of the record. There’s a lot of other stuff too – traditional heavy metal (The Golden Horde), rock, ballads etc…


Your music continues to be a force to be reckon with. One of the most unique and determined metal bands in recent years.  Do you feel your music has been reaching new heights in the last couple years with each release? 


It certainly has. After every release our shows get bigger and tours get longer. Every album has sold more than the previous release. Let’s see how long we can keep that up. 🙂


There has been a huge resurgence when it comes to interest into heavy metal and power metal again. Why you think these surge of admiration comes from? 


I think it’s mostly because heavy metal was bigger quite a long time ago, like 80s, 90s. So when new bands start doing it again in 2010->, people find it fresh again because it has been away for a while.


With a tour in sight are you hoping to reach new people with this album? Also what can we expect to hear on tour when it comes to the set list? Mostly new stuff or a mixture of both old and new songs? 


We certainly are. We do not want our fanbase to be just one kind of people, we want everyone to be able to enjoy (or hate) Battle Beast. The setlist will consist of many new songs mixed with old hits. About 50/50.


If you could describe what the tour will be like to entice others to come out and join in the fun, what would you tell to a new fan? 


Just come to the show. You will be surprised. 🙂 90 minutes of full energy and fun be heading your way with all emotions possible!!!

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