Beleth – Silent Genesis – (Extreme Metal)

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BELETH are an extreme metal band hailing from the east coasts of Australia. 

Their music delivers a dark, heavy, driving punch, with an element of groove, catchy riffs, and ferocious, guttural vocals. Influences come from a large and diverse background of metal sub-genres, which can make it difficult to pinpoint a specific category to their sound. 

BELETH are set to release their debut album titled Silent Genesis, on Friday June 25th, with Narcoleptica Productions and Scorched Earth Records, as both CD and digital download.

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The intro/opening track off the album titled Thirteenth Spirit/Silent Genesis, was pre-released at the end of 2020. Since its release, BELETH have been receiving enormous positive feedback and a continual expanding fanbase. This is reflective in the 1000+ streams from over 30 different countries, on Spotify alone, in just the first month of its release. 

Below are quotes taken from recent reviews of their pre-release song.

“You can hear this is a group that know their craft and what they want out of their music”
– Independent Metal Reviews

“Damn! That intro. The anticipation, and build up. You knew something was coming and you knew it’d be big.”
– A Vegan Shark Reviews

“Beleth has much more to offer than just crushing instrumentation and flawless songwriting”.
– Blackened Promotions

BELETH are Chris Long and Sebasthian Bentos-Pereira . Chris is responsible for the production, recording, engineering and mixing of all instruments and music. Sebasthian is responsible for all lyrics and vocals.

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