Berlin-Based Rock Metal Upstarts HERBST Reveal Album Details & New Single “Argumente”!

Berlin-based rock and metal upstarters HERBST have revealed new details about their sophomore studio album, entitled “Spiegel” (German for “Mirror”), that is slated for a release on September 20, 2024 via Drakkar Entertainment! Album pre-orders are now available at: 

A new album single, “Argumente”, is now streaming here:

“The song ‘Argumente’ (Arguments) is about the lack of realisation to let a loved one go, even though you have long since realised that the relationship with them has no future. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case, as we in the band have already experienced first-hand and there are plenty of examples out there of friends and acquaintances who have gone through something similar.” HERBST writes.

“You can’t let go of the habit; you’re actually inhibited in your everyday life because you want to break out, but you can’t bring yourself to pick up the handle, which would do you good to be happy and carefree again; because you’re holding on to (old) memories from (happy days). The song ultimately addresses the contradiction between heart and head, which – as is often the case in human relationships – do not come together.

The relationships we have are also reflections of our (shared or individual) characteristics. That’s why the album title ‘Mirror’ is and remains the most fitting we could have chosen. Everything is related to each other. And your life partner/companion is somewhere or at some point your mirror (image) if you spend enough time with them.”

A music video for the band’s album title track, “Spiegel”, has just recently been premiered here:

When the leaves fall and the wind blows through the streets of Berlin, it’s time for HERBST [engl. Autumn]. The German rock and metal act has dedicated itself to the rough and dark sound that breaks through the music scene like a storm. With heavy riffs and gripping beats they hit the Zeitgeist – intense and unmistakably melodic!

The four-piece featuring Oliver Weckert – with his distinctively melodic voice -, Mark Rötz on bass/backing vocals, Steffen Böhm on drums and Niels Gebhardt on guitar, stands for music that gets under your skin. Although their lyrics come in German, they try to reflect life in an unvarnished way that leave no listener untouched. Authenticity isn’t an empty promise here – it’s the foundation of every HERBST note.

With their much-acclaimed debut album, “Ein letzter Abend” [engl. “A last evening”], the band quickly took the German rock scene by storm, now, it’s time for a next chapter in HERBST‘s uprising career and the September-release of their much-awaited, new studfio offering “Spiegel” with Drakkar Entertainment! Pre-order the album HERE!

Album Tracklist:
01. Spiegel
02. Du kannst alles haben
03. Argumente
04. Du siehst mich an
05. Tausend Fragen
06. Hol mich raus
07. Keine Hoffnung
08. Nie wieder
09. Diese Tage
10. Spring

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