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Dreams in Peril, the bad ass up-and-coming band from the Kansas City area that I’ve been raving about for around a year now has had a few things going on since the release of their album, Mephobia:

First, they have a new vocalist, Mike Yeager, and second, they are now under EMG Management!

I definitely had to catch up with them and give the readers a chance to get to know about the new vocalist. Mike is the former vocalist for several bands such as Eulogy for Ophelia, …and ashes remain, Smash the State, and Violent by Design. I also go to ask Mike a few questions:

Tell the readers how you became part of Dreams in Peril—how did you find out they needed a vocalist? Did you know some of the guys already?

I’ve known Dalton since I was in Violent by Design. So since 2006/2007? And we’ve always wanted to be in a band together but the timing was never right. I found out about the situation on a Saturday night and was asked if I’d be interested in trying out the next day. I learned 3 songs in less than 24 hours, went in and crushed it. Had another audition with them the week after and was offered the position shortly after which I gladly accepted.


What was the process like? Did you have to compete with other vocalists or was it more one of those instant connections?

For me it was an instant connection. And I think they felt the same as soon as I opened up on that mic. I felt like I was at home with them. The band I was meant to be in.


How are things going so far being the “new guy”?

I love it. I get to show a whole new audience what I’m capable of and it will not disappoint. Learning someone else’s words and trying to convey the same emotion was a task but not a task too difficult. I looked at it as solving an equation. Once I figured out the “pattern”, so to speak, I was able to express MY emotions instead of being a carbon copy cookie cutter.


It’s my understanding that it took you no time to learn the whole album—what was that process like? Would you say it’s more difficult to learn something that you didn’t have a hand in creating?

Not in the slightest. It wasn’t any different from me popping in a CD and banging it out over and over until lyrics and changes were committed to memory. I listened to the album as much as I could (and I still am), so I can have it all perfect and to mine and the rest of the bands liking.


Who were some of you biggest influences growing up that got you into metal?

My Uncle Kristen, who recently passed away last week, gave me Cowboys from Hell and The Downward Spiral on cassette when I was 11 years old. That opened up EVERYTHING. Shortly after my Aunt Tara introduced me to Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys, which would ultimately expand my musical journey. My mom with Billy Idol and seeing how pissed off my dd got when she bought me Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys tapes totally made me think, “Ok, if this music can get THAT reaction out of someone, to get a random redneck in Kansas City THAT riled up, I want EVERYTHING to do with that as humanly possible.”

Who are some of your favorite bands/artists now?

The Banner, Eyedea, Jesus Pierce, Ghostmane, Denzel Curry, Chelsea Wolfe, Czarface, Terror, Billie Eilish, Most Precious Blood, Turmoil, Buried Alive, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse, Run the Jewels, Tom Waits, Dead Cross, Himsa, Zao, Walls of Jericho, Vision of Disorder, Ice Cube, Method Man, Scarlxrd, Year of the Knife, Death Grips, Cult Leader, Bummer, Hyborian, Athme, Snakehound, Troglodyte, The 909, The Rackatees, Drab Majesty, Radkey, No Mas, Die Choking, Blaqk Audio, Soft Kill, Sisters of Mercy.


So tell us how the creative process with writing lyrics/music will go now that you’re part of the band?

My creative wheel is always spinning. ALWAYS. In fact, I’m writing lyrics in between answering these questions right now. So it’ll be normal protocol, I’m assuming. My lyrics are heartfelt, meaning and like a Monet painting, they may seem all over the place, to many any sense and… “weird” but once you step back and take it all in, it starts to make sense and the message will reveal itself. I try to make the listener put their thinking caps on. And decipher their own personal meaning for themselves. It’s the hip hop in me, especially Aesop Rock. He’s a huge influence with my writing while Dan from Zao is my primary influence for vocal delivery. I feel my presence will fir like the missing piece to the puzzle with Peril. I’m so fucking stoked.


Are you guys already working on new material?

The dudes have 9-10 (?) new songs ready for me to put my spin on. I can’t wait to get into that vocal booth and let out all of the hostility, anger, rage and bitter hate that has been swimming in my head. This one will be like peeling off a scab. Painful, bloody, beautiful, disgusting and a breath of fresh air. If just for an instant.


Tell us what you do when you’re not singing for Dreams in Peril?

I’ve been a meat cutter/butcher for 10 years, so I’m usually at work when I’m not at home with the beautiful wife and three rambunctious kids. I try to draw and pain when I can. Jujitsu to keep me healthy, focused and limber. I love to watch my homies from Glory dominate in the MMA game. Live boxing, Kung Fu and horror movies are my weakness. And weed. Lota and LOTS of weed in between getting stupid tattoos all over my busted and bruised body.


Anything you would like to say to fans?

I’m really excited for everyone to see/hear what we’re about to accomplish and if you’ve been by my side and have every stood up and believed in me during this long journey I’ve been on, I’m going to make you proud. This is going to be for all of you. From the bottom of my black heart, thank you!

As mentioned before the guys from Dreams in Peril are extremely pleased to announce they have teamed up with Extreme Management Group! I spoke with Dalton Collins, bassist, about them teaming up with EMG:

I know you guys are excited to announce you are working with Extreme Management Group! How did that come about?

Not long ago I came across Metal Coffee PR. We started working with them and Wes, our PR guy, suggested EMG to us and I sent them an email. I got a message back which from what I hear they only accept 5 bands a year and somehow, we managed to be one of the 5.


You guys are joining an awesome roster including Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation, Misery Index just to name a few. How does that feel for you guys?

I feel like I speak for all of us when I say this: We are all extremely excited! Like teenage girls jumping up and down excited!


What can we expect from you guys in the future? Tell us about any upcoming shows.

Right now we are gearing up for another Summer Slaughter showcase. Last year we won it and so we are trying our luck again. Hoping we will be on the Summer Slaughter Tour again. Then we have the Topeka Metal Fest in September. And we have a one-off Oklahoma show that we will be headlining. Still working on more shows to come. We are hoping to be touring by early next year.

If there’s anything I know for certain about these guys, it’s a certainty that no matter what they are doing they are killing it and giving it their all. I am SURE that whatever comes next from them will be amazing. And I am very excited to hear them now that Mike has joined them, and just want to say WELCOME from all of us at Metalheads Forever Magazine!!! I’m sure you’re going to blow everyone away!


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