Biography Of None To No One

Elias (Eli) Broeker – Guitarist (Custom 4 x 10 celestian speaker cabinet, EVH 5150 III lbxII, Jackson Dinky Js22 and LTD Mh100qm guitars, nux b-2 Wireless system)

Nolan Capps – Bassist (Fender precision bass, Fender Jaguar bass, Fender Rumble 100w amp, Ernie Ball ball strings)

Ethan Jimenez -Drummer (SJC tour kit, Zlidjian/ meinl cymbals,Tama superstar snare, DW pedals, 5B And Matt Greiner Vic Firth’s)

Shane Houston – Guitarist (Jackson RR JS32 and Schecter Damien FR Diamond Series guitars, xvive Wireless system)

Andrew (Drew) Frogge – Vocalist (Sennheiser e835 Live Microphone normally

5 piece group based in AZ (3 different cities, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley) based on Hardcore, Punk, Rock, and Metal influences with the occasional beautiful sound.


Ethan had met Nolan in grade school while playing in a football league (Warner) together (Circa 2010)

Ethan and I (Andrew) had met in 2014 via mutual friends and a guest vocal feature of an older project of both of ours and just stuck together since then.

Eli and I (Andrew) had met later that same year from mutual friends at a restaurant that him and I worked together at, and stayed great friends in the following years until I had him join this project as well

Shane and Ethan met at CRAS in 2018, to which Ethan and I had already been working on a project and needed to do an audio session that lacked a guitarist.

All previous relationships came together at a timely manner in the last months of 2018 and the very forming of None To No One was announced in January 2019.

None To No One (name) was created on us sitting together at the end of a band practice, and ultimately agreeing that our name and message altogether represent a term of significance. The general message is a form of self acceptance, acceptance of others, and knowing that your existence is something to even one person in the world; ergo, you are not worth nothing, and no one can condemn you to be worth nothing. We are None To No One, and so are you (2nd person).


Disturbingly Good


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