Black Blasphemy is a black metal band from Tijuana, Mexico.

It is born in a winter of 2009 with Loki bm (voice), cults (Guitar), in-ikuo (drums) and Dark Alliance (guitar) in 2011.

Being Loki bm the only original member and founder of the band, after many changes and members, Marchan  take the  guitar in 2016 and Pervertfer arrives on the bass in 2018, the same year returns the original drummer in-ikuo.

Darkness, nature, winter, forests, wolves and the moon is the main theme in their music and the dark letters of the band. 

On July 4th, the new material called beyond the dark times will be recorded.

The band has two albums , both made in 2010.Demo – Times of Darkness (independent)

Eternal Moon Re- edition from cassette – Eternal Moon (Infernallegionprod)

Loki bm (voice)
Marchan (guitar)
Pervertfer (bass)
In-ikuo (drums)

They play with bands of the size of: nifelheim, oven, skeletal remains, profanatic, deathammer, sadistic intent and many more.






Disturbingly Good


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