BLACKLIST release new single “In Shadow Light”; new album to be released October 28th on Profound Lore Records!

[Photo: Scott Irvine]

New York post punk/dark rock veterans Blacklist will issue their highly anticipated sophomore studio album, entitled “Afterworld”, on October 28 2022 via Profound Lore Records. The album is available for pre-order via

Featuring ten brand new tracks packed with the band’s captivating and distinctive sound, “Afterworld” seamlessly picks up where its critically acclaimed predecessor “Midnight of the Century” (2009) left off: Powerful and dark anthems, blending elements of shoegaze and heavy metal with coldwave in a fluid motion. After already releasing the tracks “The Final Resistance” and “Pathfinder“, the band follows up today with the brand new single “In Shadow Light”, a song about desire, alienation, and the ghosts that inspire us out of silent complacency.

Joshua Strachan comments:

In Shadow Light is about the turning point in a long period of isolation when solitude becomes loneliness and loneliness breeds longing. I suspect many of us experienced this at some point in the last 2-3 years. I did, and for me it felt like being haunted. Imagery from various films came to mind, the feeling of a presence you can’t see which begins to fill the emptiness of the room. Often this is presented as a frightening thing, something that happens in eerie shadows, but what if the presence is that of someone or something that you desire? That evoked a kind of glow that I felt really matched with how the song sounded to me which was always like a golden autumn sunset. Hence the tension between shadow and light, absence and presence.  

Blacklist lyrics have always centered around the concept of belief, both the positive and negative aspects. For me this song was about taking the negative idea of a frightening malevolent spirit and transforming it into a positive idea, where our existence and our connection with others – maybe even others we haven’t met, or don’t know that well yet – transcends the limitations of the body. It’s about being haunted and possessed, but almost in a romantic way. For me this is a way of turning superstition into something poetic.

Blacklist‘s upcoming record “Afterworld” will be coming out in CD/LP/DIGITAL formats and explores the possible meanings of love in a time of political and environmental collapse. The album was produced by Joshua Strachan at Primal Architecture Studio, Appalachia, VA and mixed by Sanford Parker (Darkthrone, Yob, BLOODYMINDED). 


  1. Fires Of Black November
  2. The Final Resistance
  3. Nightbound
  4. No Good Answers
  5. Behind The Veil Of The Living World
  6. Pathfinder
  7. Scarlet Horizon
  8. A Stranger In This Century
  9. In Shadow Light
  10. Lovers In Mourning

Joshua Strachan: Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Saxophone
Ryan Rayhill: Bass
Glenn Maryansky: Electronic and Acoustic Drums
James Minor: Guitar
Chad Dziewior: Guitar

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