They have walked our dreams for decades, prowled the corridors of our sleeping minds with their empty stares, razors and madness. They are our dark gods and our insane creations, the embodiment of our internal wickedness and secret lust for violence. Held prisoner within our imaginations, through their shocking depravity we can touch the void, embrace the darkness, taste the fear…without bleeding out on the cold concrete floor of a soundproofed cellar. They are the icons of horror, the lords of torment – and they are searching for the keys to their cells and a way into the light…

UK thrashers Blacklist are back with their second full length album, following on from their acclaimed 2021 release, Disciples Of Time. New album With Murderous Intent comes armed with all the snarling riffs and cascading solos that you could hope for, all the neck-breaking rhythms and thrashing rage that fans have come to expect, but there’s more…much more. With Murderous Intent walks a darker path than its predecessor and carries an array of wickedly sharp and cruelly curved concealed blades – as well as the obligatory sawn off shotgun. This album is a celebration of horror, of the murderers and monsters that have stared down at us from cinema screens, where they act out our dread desires, committing deeds of unspeakable savagery and feeding us addictive, voyeuristic thrills, drawing us close to the heart of darkness and the adrenaline rush of terror. So while With Murderous Intent begins with the furious classic thrash riffs of ‘Cannibal’, an exhilarating channelling of the spirit of early Exodus, the shadows soon gather in obsidian pools of dire portent. Vocals switch between thrashing roars and chilling black metal screams and foreboding atmosphere rises like funeral mist from grandiose song structures and spiralling melodic guitar leads. Stygian tracks like ‘Kill The Coroner’ draw from across the extreme music spectrum, seizing the perfect shades of black to bring these tales of terror to shocking, haunting life. As the band explains:
“Instead of turning down ideas because of genre definitions, we decided to embrace what felt right, leading to a sound that perfectly captures the band and line-up as it stands today.”
That new found creative freedom has resulted in incredible songs like ‘Naturom Demonto’ which blend the blood thirsty attack of Slayer with the dark drama of Cradle Of Filth, creating a fusion of metals perfect for this nefarious narrative. From the sheer intensity of ‘Blood Baptism’ with its spiralling riffs like a swarm of hornets to the sinister atmosphere and sprawling grandeur of ‘Never Sleep Again’, where raging thrash and enveloping darkness meet in perfect synergy, With Murderous Intent is an incredible display of ambitious, creative and defiantly independent extremity.

With a vicious production that captures an edge of danger and choking fear and cover artwork from Dedy Badic (DisincarnateHeads For The DeadRevel In Flesh etc), With Murderous Intent will be unleashed on August 2nd. Prepare for a screaming, riff propelled ride through the realms of horror and some of the darkest metal around.

Tyler Larkin – Vocals/Guitars
Curtis Goodyear – Bass
Matt Mcloughlin – Guitar
Matthew Longshaw – Drums

Genre: Horror Thrash
For fans of: Exodus| Slayer | Vio-lence | Cradle Of Filth

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Disturbingly Good


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