BLITZKRIEG to release new self-titled album in September

Unrepentantly flying the flag for Classic British Metal since the release of their 1981 “Blitzkrieg/Buried Alive” demo, BLITZKRIEG were a pivotal influence on countless heavy metal bands for decades to come: most notably, Metallica, who released a cover of the band’s eponymous track “Blitzkrieg” both on the “Garage Inc” compilation album, and as a B-side on their 1984 single “Creeping Death”. 

Formed in Leicester in late 1980 by lead vocalist Brian Ross (who remains at the helm of the band to this day), the band would take a four-year hiatus when Ross left to join NWOBHM legends Satan, recording their classic album “Court In The Act” (Roadrunner) and touring extensively, before reuniting with bassist Mick Moore to form Avenger. 

1985 saw the release of Blitzkrieg’s long-awaited debut album “A Time Of Changes” on legendary British label Neat Records, which remains a cult classic to this day. Further success would follow with 1991’s “Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg” (Roadrunner) and a three-album deal in 1995 with Neat Records. 

The band continued to champion Classic Metal throughout the turbulent 2000s, with albums like 2002’s “Absolute Power” (Hellion) and 2007’s “Theatre Of The Damned” (Armageddon), the latter of which was co-produced by Saxon frontman Biff Byford after Blitzkrieg opened for Saxon on their UK tour the year prior. All the while, the band remained a mainstay on the international festival circuit, with appearances at Wacken, Headbangers Open Air, Keep It True, Hard Rock Hell and countless others, along with regular tours in four continents. 

Returning from a hiatus in the wake of their critically acclaimed releases “Back From Hell” and “Judge Not”, Blitzkrieg are as vital, powerful and ferocious as the day they were founded over 40 years ago. Long time members Alan Ross (son of Brian Ross) and powerhouse drummer Matt Graham are joined by bassist Liam Ferguson and virtuoso guitarist and producer Nick Jennison. Their new album “Blitzkrieg” is set for release in summer 2024 via Mighty Music, and if early previews are to be believed, is their best work since 1985. 

“Blitzkrieg” will be released on CD, LP (black, green and red vinyl versions available, each limited to 200 copies) and digital on September  6th, 2024 via Mighty Music. Pre-orders are available here.

The fist digital single from the album, “The Spider” is out today. Check it out here.

Brian Ross: lead vocals
Nick Jennison: guitar, vocals
Alan Ross: guitar, vocals
Liam Ferguson: bass
Matthew Graham: drums


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“Blitzkrieg” tracklist:

1. You Won’t Take Me Alive 
2. The Spider 
3. Dragon’s Eye 
4. If I Told You 
5. Vertigo 
6. Above The Law (Pull The Trigger Pt. 3) 
7. I Am His Voice
8. The Night He Came Home (Halloween) 
9. On Olympus High (instrumental) 
10. Aphrodite’s Kiss 


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