We do live in a world where we are under constant pressure to perform at the best level. It feels like our best isn’t enough, and we must reach standards that were set by those to whom it benefits the most, leaving us unhappy and carrying the constant fear of exclusion and failure. As if it wasn’t enough to be reminded by our daily environment, social media adds more pressure and shows us that others do have what it takes and the success we all want. ….You are alone…You are depressed…You are angry

It all started when Aladdin, overwhelmed by his day job decided that it was time to focus on what matters the most: Seeking happiness! And happiness was Music!

He put all his savings towards creating his music project and an album with a professional sound and all the riffs that he played in his bedroom….and Breed of Burden came to life.

The world is sick (2012):

Aladdin recorded all the instruments in Parlour studio (Napalm DeathEvile…) in Kettering/UK, wrote the lyrics and recruited Joe Denby to sing on the album. The album was then mixed and mastered at the famous Gothenburg based, Fredman studio (At the GatesIn FlamesDark TranquillityDimmu Borgir…).

Upon the release of the “The world is sick”, Aladdin completed the line-up and started gigging in Europe and Africa opening for likes of Dark Tranquillity in Morocco and Blaze Bayley in the UK.

Like any project in life, you can’t progress with people if you don’t have the same vision or the same level of commitment (either financial or time) and this led to constant line-up shuffle, delays in releasing the following album and taking it to the next level.

On top of Aladdin’s other personal issues, Breed of Burden had to go on hold as Aladdin B. needed to focus on sorting out his life.

Upcoming release (2020):

After his battle with personal issues, Aladdin resumed Breed of Burden by completing the recording of a new album called “Dehumanize Me” coming out in July, 2020.

The Album was recorded at Noise Factory Studio (Channel Zero) in Namur, Belgium and mixed/mastered at The Panic Room (SoilworkScar SymmetryMors Principium Est) in Sweden. The album release is planned for July 2020, the release will be preceded by 2 single launches: “My life…My Hell” on May,15th  and “Revolution” on June,12th.

The album sound is alternative  metal with even more melodies, epic orchestras and with a touch of Oriental sound. The lyrics are very personal as they deal with depression, death of loved ones, Loss of Love and political madness.

We do hope a lot of us will see themselves through the words and the music.

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