The Atlantic Union Project is a brand new melodic punk rock band consisting of scene veterans. Ex-members of Come The Spring, Rydell and Damn This Desert Air have joined forces to create something really special.

Lead vocalist, Craig Cirinelli (ex-Damn This Desert Air, Elemae, Arctic Sleep, Hidden Cabins) hails from Boonton in New Jersey, USA whilst the musicians of the band are located in and around Brighton in the UK. The band are all long time friends and decided to call themselves The Atlantic Union Project as this release was created during the covid lockdowns.

The name of their debut EP, ‘3,482 Miles’ represents the distance between Boonton (US) and Brighton (UK) but the music is so fresh and hard-hitting you’d think you were standing at the gig with them!

The new six-track EP is finished and awaiting release early in the new year on vinyl, CD and digital formats, but before that there will be digital singles and videos, starting with ‘The Actuary’ that will premiere with Rebel Noise on 8th October.

Right now though you can check out the EP video trailer here

The Atlantic Union Project are “A transatlantic collaboration bridging the waters via intense blasts of post-punk exuberance”:

Craig Cirinelli – vocals
David Gamage – Guitar
Simon Goodrick – Guitar
Mark Wilkinson – Bass
Jamie Donbroski – Drums

The Atlantic Union Project – 3,482 Miles EP – Coming soon –

The band members of The Atlantic Union Project have all been playing in hardcore bands for over 25 years!
All the music is written by the four UK guys who were playing as Come The Spring. They had three EPs out; ‘Seven for secret’, ‘Revive’ and ‘Echoes’. The last two have been gathered onto an album now too.
Their singer got flakey and left during covid so they wrote these new tracks.
They’ve been friends with Craig Cirinelli for years, knowing him through his bands releases (Elemae, World Concave, Damn This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins, etc) and knew he’d be the ideal fit.
TAUP recorded the music in the UK then sent Craig the tapes. He added the lyrics and vocals in the US then sent it all back to us to be mixed. The result has come out pretty damn awesome!

As you’ll see from the teaser video for the new EP, 3,482 Miles (The distance between Boonton, NJ, where Craig lives, and Brighton, UK, where the band are all based), the whole thing is kind of a love letter to the hardcore scene we are all part of and inspired by.

David has been writing music and touring for years in Rydell, Couch Potatoes, Joeyfat and Come The Spring. Mark was in Rydell, Rudedog and the BBMF’s, and Simon and Jamie were in Strength Alone. Between them they have many original ideas, but draw inspiration from post-punk classics, ranging from Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Descendents, Lifetime, Hot Water Music, Gorilla Biscuits, Pegboy, Sensefield, Chamberlain, Braid, Get Up Kids, Promise Ring and more, and that comes through in what they do. Check out TAUP, quite possibly your new favorite band!

Please add this news to your websites, blogs, etc and if you require more info just get in touch.
The band are happy to do interviews, send the EP for review, etc.
The first single is booked for premiere on 8th October but we are looking for partners for the next video premiere and record launch. – band website – TAUP faceache – TAUP insta   @theatlanticunionproject – TAUP twitter – TAUP bandcamp


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