Mütherload hails from London, ON, Canada and they are pleased to announce their debut EP “Ü”. The majority of the musicians in the band worked together previously in Heaven Ablaze and keep the same professionalism and tightness, albeit with less of a thrashy sound and more of an emphasis on death metal.

Before the EP officially drops on Friday, July 9th, the band has teamed up with NoCleanSinging for its full stream premiere HERE.

Musically, the album starts a little on the dark side. The main reason for that is because the first two songs (“Insect”, and  “The Visitor”) are in a much lower tuning (Open C# Major) and the last couple of tracks (Thaügüst, and Lamia) are in Eb Standard. By the end of the EP, things sound a little brighter and more upbeat, sonically. 

According to vocalist Derek Lee, lyrical inspiration comes from life and its atrocities, and things that make him mad; his opinions and the state of society, the state of the government, the state of our mental frailty, his inner demons and the lessons he’s learned in life, both good and bad. He explains the album in further detail:

“The Ü EP is our first step back into the metal scene after years of silence. We feel this small collection of music represents the focus that we’ve developed as a band in our songwriting for the first time in years. Musically we’ve stretched our reach into new territory with open tunings, and more space for vocals. This EP deserves to be played loud, so crank it up!”

For those who enjoyed this initial six-track sampling of Mütherload, there is more in the works! There are complete songs ready to go and the riffs just keep coming. Stay tuned!

A sonic smorgasbord of all things heavy, Mütherload is recommended for fans of In Flames, Mastodon, Lamb of God and Opeth.

EP pre-order – https://mutherload.bandcamp.com/album/- 

Music Video – The Visitor – https://youtu.be/M_-RLpnxlNQ

Track Listing:
1. Insect (3:54)
2. The Visitor (3:39)
3. Ü (0:44)
4. Iniquity (3:06)
5. Thaügüst (1:43)
6. Lamia (3:24)
EP Length: 16:32

EP and Live Band Line Up:
Patrick Davison – Guitar
Derek Haley – Guitar
Chris McKichan – Bass
Matt Ashton – Drums
Derek Lee – Vocals

More Info:


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