Candlemass ‘The Door To Doom’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Napalm Records/2019/Doom Metal

It promised so much when Candlemass released the EP ‘Death Thy Lover’ back in 2016; but then, the Doomfather Leif Edling suddenly formed The Doomsday Kingdom which made the doom metal community wonder whether or not it’s long awaited Candlemass album would arrive. However, Edling cause a wave of ecstasy to burst forth when he announced that a new Candlemass album would arrive this year and that album would feature Johan Längquist, the original Candlemass vocalist and the voice behind the genre defining ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’, followed by the EP ‘The House of Doom’ last year. When 2019 rolled around, the Swedish doom legends fulfilled their promise of a full studio album releasing ‘The Door To Doom’.

For those of us who have been carefully studying Candlemass over the last few releases, it will come as no surprise that ‘The Door To Doom’ follows and expands on the formula laid down by the bands recent EP’s. Yet, this does not show any serious deviation from the original Candlemass mantra with its crushing half term sections and Sabbath-laden grooves. This is seen throughout the album and whilst doom bands are common place these days, the return of Candlemass seriously hands out a masterclass in doom. The opening album tracks ‘Splendor Demon Majesty’ and ‘Under The Ocean’ show that Längquist has lost none of his vocal prowess with a beautifully warm timbre and even shows a more subtle and gentle side to his voice during ‘Bridge Of The Blind’. However, it is the track and album’s lead off song ‘Astorolus – The Great Octopus’ where ‘The Door To Doom’ reaches its pinnacle. This song which features a guest spot from none other than the riff lord himself Tony Iommi, adds a large amount of splendour to the album and it is hard to believe that Candlemass could not be starstruck in the presence of greatness.

It is great to have Candlemass back doing what they do best and ‘The Door To Doom’ is no finer example of this. We are only in the first third of the year and Candlemass have possibly released the doom album of the year and there is no guarantee that ‘The Door To Doom’ will be a difficult benchmark to beat.

Rating : 90/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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